Why are the Reddest States in the Deep South? / by kevin murray

With the primary exception of Florida, the traditional south invariably votes Republican, in the Presidential, in the Senatorial, and in the Gubernatorial. This doesn't make a lot of sense to which according to Gallup.com the non-Hispanic whites are 35% republican, 38% independent/I don't know, and 26% democrat, whereas non-Hispanic blacks are 5% republican, 29% independent/I don't know, and 64% democrat.  As for the other minorities, none are greater than 18% republican and none are greater than 36% democrat.  A straightforward interpretation of this would imply that states that are heavily non-Hispanic black, would invariably be democratic states, since non-Hispanic whites lean republican but aren't invariably republican.  This however, isn't the case whatsoever.


The states with the highest percentage of blacks are as follows: Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia.  Since 1980 in the Presidential election, with the exception of Clinton twice in Louisiana, and once in Georgia, each of these states has invariably voted Republican.  In regards to the gubernatorial elections, each of these states from the time just after reconstruction until the year 2000, and almost without exception elected Democratic governors, since 2000; however, each of these states has had one Democratic governor for one term, and the balance of those years have been Republican governors.  The same voting pattern essentially holds true for Senatorial elections in each of these states in which for over 100 years after reconstruction the Senators from these states were Democrats, but just like the gubernatorial voting pattern, they have now since 2000 primarily been electing Republicans.


This can only mean that somehow that white voting patterns in the Deep South are not the same as they are in the north or other parts of America.  While the Deep South is certainly different than other sections of the country, especially in the importance of traditional religious values, the difference in voting must be substantial to overcome black votes in the south which are inevitably for the democratic candidate.   This means, essentially, that whites in the Deep South are overwhelmingly voting Republican irrespective of their party affiliation because they believe in core values such as pro-life, pro-military, anti-illegal immigration, anti-Affordable care act, anti-Union, and pro-Defense of Marriage.


That isn't the complete story though.  Unfortunately, the other aspect of white voting habits in the Deep South resides in the prejudices of mankind.  It isn't so much that the whites in the Deep South want to keep the black man down, although there is truth there, it is as if they don't want to support anyone or any program that would allow blacks or other minorities to overcome them in the pecking order of the society that they envision, and further to the point that they don't particularly care to be trifled with by those "damn Yankees" or "bleeding heart liberals".


Therefore the secret for the Democrats when it comes to changing the voting habits of the Deep South, is to recognize that since you already hold all the core Democrat votes, you must modify your pitch and your programs to appeal to the unique interests of the whites of the Deep South, which probably means being more accommodating to their values without compromising the big picture itself.