Hypnosis / by kevin murray

Most people are familiar with hypnosis through either a live show that is built around the hypnosis of volunteered audience members or through going to a hypnotist in order to help correct habits that they want to break or occasionally as an alternate to taking medication for certain medical or dental procedures.  The one thing that is clear is that hypnosis definitely works in the sense that there is such a thing as a hypnotic stage, and that therefore hypnosis under the right hands can be beneficial.  However, it is important to also note that hypnosis is the exchanging of your normal free will and your normal free mind to an operator that, in theory, has your best interests in mind, but that it must be acknowledged in many respects, that you have ceded control of your conscious mind to another.


It shouldn't be too surprising that hypnosis exists, because the material world is filled with things, other human beings, advertising, and the like, which are constantly at war or trying to influence our mind and our respective actions.  Hypnosis is another avenue to suggest to us one course of action, as opposed to another course of action or inaction.  For instance, perhaps you have a habit that appears to be unbreakable, such as smoking, to which your efforts have not been successful in relieving yourself of this nefarious habit.  A skilled hypnotist can put suggestions into your subconscious mind that will replace previous positive images that you currently associate with smoking, with negative images that associate smoking instead with its lingering smell, its nastiness, and its bad taste. 


So while hypnosis can be demonstrated under certain circumstances to have positive effects upon people, their goals, and their health, there is one fundamental problem that hypnosis has that should not be taken lightly and that is that each person is sovereign within himself and consequently the relinquishing of that consciousness to another should seldom be done under any circumstances, and never should be done under lightly considered conditions.  It is well to remember that you are not a showpiece to be brought up upon a stage to perform as a fool as you imagine yourself to be something that you are not.  Not only is this a misuse of hypnosis in general, it is a gross injustice that provides cheap entertainment, as if you were a circus animal, and not a sentient human being.


Hypnosis is not the natural state of man and consequently should be seen as an unnecessary intruder upon man and his basic sensibility.  God gave each one of us our own mind to use best in our own way, and the surrender of your mind to another empowers that person's mind over your own, and the more that this is done, the greater your submission to another.  This is primarily and fundamentally flawed reasoning, as there essentially is only one being to surrender yourself to, and this is to God, but God does not hypnotize you in any way.  Instead, your alliance with God, will intuitively allow you to see the Light and to recognize Truth, without negating your free will to act and to acknowledge this.