Same-Sex Marriage / by kevin murray

In America today, an incredible 32 States permit same-sex marriage.  This is a stunning reversal of fortune for the traditional institution of marriage in this country, to which this reckless charge for same-sex marriages can, for the most part, be placed at the judicial branch of government.  The fabric of traditional marriage, which had previously been defined as the legal union of one man to one woman was first overturned by Massachusetts that argued through its supreme court that the Massachusetts Constitution "…forbids the creation of second-class citizens."  In dissenting opinions, one judge wrote that "… this case is not about government intrusions into matters of personal liberty." "Is is about whether the State must endorse and support their choices by changing the institution of civil marriage to make its benefits, obligations, and responsibilities applicable to them."  Another judge dissented with this opinion, that the "power to regulate marriage lies with the Legislature, not with the judiciary."


Had it not been for the Massachusetts judiciary decision, which was bad law incorrectly applied to the constituents of the State of Massachusetts, it would not be likely that same-sex marriage would be in the state that it is today, as 21 of the 32 States that have allowed same-sex marriage, the ruling has come from the judiciary and not by the State legislature or by popular vote.  The most significant problem with judicial decisions on institutions as profound and meaningful as marriage, and what it should or should not be, is that a very minute group of individuals, of perhaps five to seven judges should be in the position of no more than explaining, expounding, or interpreting Constitutional law, but instead we find that certain active judicial branches are making new law with profound and disturbing effect upon the population.


The changing of the fabric of marriage within the United States is a poorly thought out experiment that will have overwhelming and deeply felt consequences that will reverberate throughout the entire infrastructure of this great country.  While supreme courts of certain states make new law, that assert incorrectly that same-sex marriage is a right, and that essentially any two adults should be able to marry each other with the blessings of the State institution and apparatus, what they have in effect done, is to bastardize the institution of marriage itself, to cheapen the meaning and the significance of what marriage means, and to disenfranchise traditional marriage and thereby to marginalize and to secularize opposite-sex couples.  Additionally, and of extreme importance, one of the most important functions of traditional marriage, is to legitimatize and to validate the children that the parents have procreated.  Same-sex couples cannot physically have children by copulation, in the case of two males it is not possible at all, while with two females, a child can be birthed by either of the females, by either insemination by a physical man (but not their marriage partner) or artificially.


Children that are brought up with same-sex parents will live under conditions that have not been tested nor tried in the history of this nation.  Proponents of same-sex marriage want you to desperately believe, that children from same-sex marriages will be just fine, and will easily fit into the American milieu, but children are not adults, they are children. 


While proponents of same-sex marriage want you to believe that all they have done is simply to have leveled the marriage playing field, asserted their civil rights, and that consequently all is fair and right, what they have done instead, is to degrade what marriage means, so that it will in effect result in our country having annihilated the nuclear family, to replace it with a State apparatus and governance, that will monitor, control, and rear our children, and our children's children.