The Call for Great Souls / by kevin murray

We are spiritual beings encased in a physical body, to which, for so many of us because of the lure of this material world or the entrapment of it, there is the erroneous belief, that we are our body, without a spirit.  That mistaken belief about our true identity is probably the primary reason why there is so much strife, hatred, and uncaring on this planet, for if you believe that this is all that will ever be, life becomes not a mission of love, but one of survival and drudgery, and a visceral belief that this is a zero-sum society and thereby wars are fought for self or country aggrandizement.


Even before our cries reach God as to why and to what our purpose is on earth, He has already anticipated our deepest and most heartfelt desires.  That is why, deep within us, is that yearning to find our way back to our Lord, who is pure love and everlasting justice.  Unfortunately, for so many of us, the pathway to our most inner freedom, is either unclear or fraught with wrong turns, obstacles, and detours.  It isn't so much that we lack the desire or the initiative to mine the pure gold of God's wisdom; it is more than we lack a great leader to guide and to encourage us in our sacred quest.


 However, God give us no task without providing us too with the tools and the wherewithal to accomplish this very assignment, for is it possible for the blind to lead the blind?  While it is true too, that in the land of the blind the one-eye man is king, even more so, in a land of delusion and deception, the man with the all-seeing eye is the true King of them all.  God derives no pleasure from our missteps, and He greatly desires that we be accorded the opportunity to, of our own volition, to seek his love and justice.  For these reasons as well as for many more, great souls are incarnated here on earth, in all places and in all times, for our benefit, for our sanctuary, for our inspiration, and for our salvation.


These great souls come to shake loose the cobwebs that surround and inundate our mind, to enlighten us about our true mission and of God's love for all people no matter their status or situation.  Great souls always lead by example, their courage, knowledge, and foundational truths, enraptured us because their words and actions resonate so deeply inside of our very being, as if we are truly seeing as for the first time.  Great souls testify to the truth and their penetrating insights will compel us to truly reflect on who we really are.


Great souls remind us that: "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few," Matthew 9:37.  The rudder of the ship is metaphorically like a great soul, guiding the ship of humanity forward to where it needs to go.  We need too great souls to be that Northern Pole Star to help lead us back to the promise land.  That is why great souls come to us over and over again, because God has not forgotten His creation, He yearns for our return, and he provides us, even now, with the means, the way, and the desire to walk back to Him.