The superrich and public dining / by kevin murray

Everybody needs to eat, from rich to poor, but how people go about that eating, in respect, to where they eat at, differs fundamentally, between those that have more money than they could ever count, as contrasted to those that barely have enough to get by.  In point of fact, the superrich are different, so different, that one of the main reasons why the superrich back in the gilded age, needed so many servants, for a household that wasn't all that large to begin with, was because the main meal as well as the main social event, was the dinner so served at nighttime.  That dinner, was something that could and did consist of multiple courses, served over an extended period of time, of which, the service and the cooking was all done by the hired help to serve the superrich and their guests, and everything about that dinner had a synchronicity and a purpose behind it, and it had to be done just right.


It is only in recent times that public dining is something that nearly everybody does, though the superrich, should they choose to dine in public, do not hobnob at the same places that the common folks do.  That is why, even in today's day and age, there are still private clubs, necessitating a yearly fee, and often difficult to get into, without a proper invitation from a member in good standing, still exist, for those that have not only money, but are of the right class, as well as the appropriate background, wish to associate themselves only with those that are their equals, and money in and of itself, is not going to be all that is required, as a prerequisite.


In addition, for those that have money but do not feel the need or the desire of private clubs or the expense of private chefs, they alas are quite willing to dine in public, but only at those establishments that charge a high enough price for a meal, along with providing stellar service that treats the dining customer as someone of importance and worth, of which the common folk, while permitted to dine there, typically don't have the resources or don't feel that their presence is especially desired.


So too, for those that do not wish to dine out in public or even in a private club, there never has been a better time to dine in, because the cost and the service provided by having one's own personal chef, is relatively reasonable for the superrich, and the support staff and the logistics to put together fabulous meals, no longer necessitates abutting up to farm animals, or having one's own butcher shop, and so on and so forth, because food and ingredients from literally all over the world, can and are freshly flown in from one destination to another, often on the same day, so hosts can put on a rather impressive show, of displaying fresh foods not common to their domain, almost instantaneously, with appropriate kudos for the culinary skills so displayed.


The superrich have never wanted to be caught in a public dining room, and while exceptions are made, for convenience, if nothing else, the superrich know that they are a wholly separate class, which does not and will not associate with anyone or anything that does not properly recognize their status and superiority, at all times, and they especially won't tolerate those that don't know their proper place.