Be that light for others / by kevin murray

In order to achieve anything of purpose in life, it helps greatly to know where it is that a given person is supposed to go.  Additionally, this is a world that does not revolve around one single person, though, it must be said that each of us is an individual; yet, collectively we are all, without exception, of the same substance, so that any goal or purpose that necessitates selfishly climbing over or trampling upon other humans, cannot possibly be a noble goal or purpose.  This means, that our purpose for being, must in the scheme of things, take into consideration others, and quite rightly we should be concerned about what we do and say, for these deeds affects those others, and ultimately then for that goal and purpose to be in harmony and in tune with what is right and proper, it must be of benefit for not only ourselves, but for others.


Not everyone that we meet is going to have their act together, and not everybody that we interact with is going to be wise, or on point, or even trending in the right direction, for many people don't make good decisions, or may come from a background that precludes them from reasoning things out in a sensible manner, or are lost, or confused, or anything other than what they could or ought to be.   These people typically need some sort of assistance or help, and that assistance or help need not come from a perfect being, or someone that is inestimably wise, but rather, someone that has sound wisdom, sensible reasoning powers, compassion and concern. 


This so indicates that a given person's life does not need to be perfect in order to be of help or of assistance to someone else, and quite obviously, those that have made similar errors or mistakes, but have learned well from them are good sources for the creation of an experienced person that is quite able to provide not only credibility to a given situation but also empathy and concern.  All of this signifies that we have an implicit obligation to serve others in a manner in which we can be of benefit to those others, through our interaction with them, as opposed to simply feeling sorry for a given situation or a given person.


Our world consists of about 71% water, and those that travel upon those waters need navigational tools in order to safely do so, as well as, even in this modern age, lighthouses, so as to recognize the dangers that are there but unseen by the naked eye without the helpful aid of such lights, beacons, and fog horns.  So too, our lives consist of dangers as well as temptations, some self-generated and some not, of which, those with experience and concern, have an implicit obligation to help guide wayward souls into the safe harbors of the promised land that will nourish and help them grow.


Each of us should recognize that to lift the darkness that stymies mankind from progressing in the manner that mankind ought and should, impresses upon us that we are all responsible for subtracting from that darkness, by making a determination and a pledge to add to and to be that shining light, for ourselves as well as for others.