"…a starving man is never a good citizen" -- Alfred Henry Lewis / by kevin murray

It is a very good thing that America is the breadbasket of the world, because America is the third most populous nation in the world, and its citizenship as reported by cbc.ca has an astonishing: "… 88.8 guns for every 100 residents."  Of course, America also has the most sophisticated military arsenal the world has ever witnessed, in conjunction with the fact that America's policing agencies, federal law enforcement agencies, and additional agencies and departments that work in conjunction with those, are logistically very sophisticated, extremely well trained, and very prepared.  Yet, no military or policing organization really wants to have to expose their personnel to return fire from a citizenship that is well armed and capable of a vigorous self-defense.


While revolutions occur for all sorts of reasons, one of the most prominent reasons is when the entertainment and the food supplies run out, because a population that has nothing to do to occupy itself and is also starving is a very dangerous population, even when that population implicitly recognizes that rioting is not going to resolve their issues; but when left with few or no options at all, rioting and revolution are the go-to options that the masses will resort to, for they having literally nothing left to lose, except a slow and painful death due to starvation and their lack of sustenance; so instead, they will take the fight against those privileged and select few that have the power over them.


It is well to remember, that our Constitution stipulates that those that are the officials and representatives of this Constitutional government have a sworn duty to "…support and defend… against all enemies, foreign and domestic."  Those words, are not empty words, as the well armed and well trained military and police powers of this nation, clearly show that those in authority are absolutely prepared for the worse; of which, the people of this country as a whole, apparently will willingly accept having lives that perhaps aren't as robust, happy, free, and satisfying as they might imagine, in return for good shelter, good food, good employment, and good entertainment, or basically things that sort of approximate that.


However, even the most competent of food and agricultural producers, as well as the distributors and manufacturers of, cannot control mother nature, nor can they necessarily control the infrastructure needed to move their product around this country in a timely manner, so that something as critical as oil, which runs this great nation, somehow happens to become in exceedingly short supply, then surely chaos and havoc would rain down upon this nation, in which, suddenly, millions upon millions would be suffering, yet, no doubt, those that are high up in status, would not be suffering a whit; producing, perhaps, the very seeds of a contagious revolutionary response.


A starving man is not a good citizen and a starving man is not in the mood to hear mere words, but rather, a starving man, if he is not fed, will often resort to any and everything available to him, because when a man has nothing and cannot provide for his family, than that man will, when pushed to the very limit, fight back, and a multitude of fighting men that are armed and prepared, have and will topple governments, even ones, of long standing.