There are no drunks in Heaven / by kevin murray

There are no drunks in Heaven, of course, most fundamentalists instantly agree with this, because they wrongly believe that there are no drunks in Heaven, because all the drunks are actually in Hell; of which, it must be said, there are also no drunks in hell, or heroin addicts, or cocaine addicts, or sex addicts, or any addicts of any kind, are neither in Heaven or hell.  The thing that needs to be understood is that the reason there are no drunks in Heaven, has naught to do with drunks, but rather it has everything to do with the physical body, for the realm of where our soul dwells, has no physical body, and drunkards, as well as all other addicts, without a body, no longer have that addiction to those substances of their previous earthly plane.


This means that for everyone, upon death, all of their physical infirmities will no longer exist, because they are now outside of this earthly realm; so too, those of fine physical form, that died for whatever reason, no longer have that physical form as their identifying marker, because, in essence, we take upon earth, our physical bodies in order to experience material life on earth, but once those bodies die, then we return to what we really are, which is an existence without physical form, which is therefore no longer subject to material laws, or material time, but exists outside of both time and physical form.  


All those that have had substance abuse problems or temper problems or other issues within their existence on earth, will not, however, magically have those core problems and character flaws corrected upon their death; but at the same time, they are no longer enslaved to those negative passions.  This then presents departed souls a renewed opportunity to reform themselves in such a way, that they can make it their mission to help to build and to aid in the bringing forth the enlightenment for others that too have lost their way; for the very purpose of our existence on the earthly plane in the first place, is to make that plane a better place for our having been part of it, and until such a time that such is accomplished, then no life, is wholly completed.


There are plenty of people that try to escape their earthly existence through substance or other abuses, never seeming to realize, that this is not a constructive way to accomplish anything of value, and that problems that are not faced and resolved in this material life, will still have to be resolved, mitigating circumstances or not.  In the drama of life, the structure is such that challenges are issued, and it is in the overcoming of those challenges that the prize is fairly claimed.  Those that depart from the straight and narrow, through drink or salaciousness or whatever, will find that all that meandering and wrong turns has taken them far away from their true purpose and their proper destination, and will have to, work diligently to find and to scrap their way back to where it is that they should be in the first place, and true clarity of thought is needed in order to do so.