Hope and hopelessness / by kevin murray

People wonder why there is so much hate, violence, and disorder in society, of which, the most obvious answer is that those that have  lost all hope, are going to express themselves in a multitude of ways, of which some of those ways are going to be by being hateful, violent, and creating disorder.   The thing is that as long as a person has a reasonable hope that better days lay ahead, then they are often willing to put up with an incredible amount of privations; or if they believe that their duty to others, such as loved ones, stipulates that they should sacrifice themselves for their future betterment, then they will do so; but absent of those factors, those without hope are not often going to make for good and productive citizens or people.


Any society that is structured in a manner which is unfair, corrupt, deceptive, and utilizes all the myriad forms of violence and oppression against the mass of its citizens, are in their way, killing hope; and by killing hope, they are creating the environment in which things will not get better, but will, in fact, get worse.  In order for positive change to take effect within any society, that society must believe that changes will be made which will provide them with hope, and thereby this hope replaces their former hopelessness.


One of the more significant reasons why people turn to drink and drugs, is that they are unable to face themselves as what and how they appear to really be, and thereby turn to those substances in order to silence the mocking voices in their mind, or as an escape from their life which is most often characterized as being brutal, disappointing, and hopeless. 


A country and a society that wants to be a true exemplar for the world, has got to be a society, that offers hope to all of its citizens, or as many of those citizens that can be successfully reached, and a lot of that hopefulness, comes from a society that truly does provide a fair deal, equality of opportunity, good and safe housing, good schooling, and the absence of a stifling police state.  The whole point of government in the first place, is not for that government to protect and favor the few and elite at the expense of the many and common, but to see that the playing field of life is leveled to such an extent, that all have a reasonable chance at the starting line of life.


The most hopeful society is a society that is inclusive, caring, transparent, open, and determined to be something that is of substance; whereas societies that are exclusive, non-caring, opaque, closed-minded, and parasitic are not going to be good and hopeful societies for most of its people.  So too, those that are in relationships or situations that are destructive to their hope, are in relationships and situations that are inimical for their good development, of which, the hope crushers of life, should be seen for what they really are; the very epitome of those that destroy the life force of others, so that those others will not be able to ever be hopeful.