The great sin of the silent majority / by kevin murray

Most people, want to at least consider themselves to be good people, and most people want to believe that they are just in their decisions and in their actions; but, all this is belied by the great injustices that we see displayed in this world, time and time again, along with the fact that if this world was actually full of basically good people, we wouldn't need to arrest, incarcerate, and go to war, as often as is done, and all this is done all of the time.


Too many people, make it a basic point to live to their own self, or to live within their familial or social structure, and make it a point, explicitly or implicitly, to not get overly engaged in things which are outside their familial or social milieu.  While to a certain extent, this is okay, as well as the fact that people are entitled to make their own decisions so as to congregate with those that they wish to be with; there is also a fundamental problem, for society, by definition, means that we cannot and should not behave in a manner in which, each of us is our own island; but rather we must recognize the truth of the matter, which is that all of us are absolutely interconnected, and therefore the closing of our minds and the closing of our eyes pretending that we do not know or do not see things which are out of order and are thereby wrong and unjust, is a great injustice that we have done to others, because we have not done things that we could do and should do to ameliorate the injustices which are right in front of us, but effectively, ignored.


Those that do not speak out when they see injustice, especially those that believe that they need not say a thing because it does not directly or indirectly effect them, are wrong for their silence.  So too, those that do not speak out when they see injustice, but explicitly or implicitly know that they are in some way, form, or manner, somewhat guilty of that injustice continuing, have done wrong by being selfish, and thereby turning their back on helping to alleviate that injustice.  In all of this, the great sin of those that do nothing is not that they have directly contributed to that injustice, but rather, when given the choice to do something constructive to ameliorate that injustice, have chosen to do nothing.


The mistake that people make again and again when it comes to injustice, is not taking a step back and seeing the bigger perspective, which comprehends that an injustice that is not dealt with forthrightly, is an injustice which can easily metastasized in a manner in which it will eventually reach even those that believe that they are immune to it.  And when that happens, those that have been silent and now have found their voice, will often find, that nobody will heed to their call of help, for in the end, those that formerly stood idly by, will reap the harvest of what they have truly sown.