The Democrats kill the unborn, while the Republicans kill the born through wars and incarceration / by kevin murray

The two major political parties don't seem to realize the contradiction and hypocrisy that each of their respective party positions actually represents.  For instance, the Democrats are known for being pro-choice, and believe that it is a woman's right to choose as to whether she desires to give birth to her fetus or not, for her body is her own.  On the other hand, the Republicans equate abortion to a form of murder, and wish to overturn Roe v. Wade, and have made significant inroads upon the ease of women being able to avail themselves of their Constitutional right to an abortion, as rendered by the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. 


The contradiction of the Democrats for being so vehemently pro-choice is that they have to a very large extent bought into the construct that the only children that should be born into this world, should come from those that are emotionally as well as financially fit for the preparation of having those children.  The problem with that construct, is that America is in practice, absolutely economically unfair so that the very people that are needed to effect change, which are typically those that have been historically oppressed, are voluntarily killing their own potential offspring, and thereby actually reducing their democratic footprint, under the false guise, that one day, things will be better, failing to somehow understand, that democratic voting is most definitely a numbers game.  As for Republicans that take the apparently noble position, that all human life is sacred, belie that noble sentiment, by treating those that have been ill treated throughout American history, as people that are undeserving of liberty, opportunity, and hope; and thereupon utilizing the police and justice system as a form of oppression to incarcerate primarily minorities at unprecedented levels that no other western nation, even comes close to approaching.  In addition, America has the largest military budget that dwarfs all other countries, and insists that it needs to stick its nose into all sorts of military adventures and misadventures, in which those with boots on the ground, who are often minorities, are the ones that have to bear the consequences of those military interactions.


The Democrats believe falsely that the greatest right for a woman to have is the right to choose, but really the greatest right for a woman is having a fair and equal say at the table of opportunity, in regards to housing, schooling, and employment; of which, if this was done, the need or desire for abortions would plummet, for those with good housing, good schooling, and good employment, typically make the necessary decisions and exhibit the mature behavior which often precludes an unintended pregnancy.   As for the Republican position, in which, they desire that abortion essentially becomes illegal or that abortion effectively becomes severely restricted, such a position, only makes sense and can only be considered humane and noble, for those yet born, if the construct of America is reformed to such a degree that those previously denied good housing, good schooling, good employment, and a valid seat at the table of opportunity, actually get those very things.  Instead, the Republican Party is the party of exploitation and incarceration, in which, an abundant supply of the poor and disadvantaged, allows those at the highest echelons of Republican power to make their money and live well, by wringing their dollars from the sweat and blood of those that have no say.