Moral Absolutes / by kevin murray

It is stupefying, that as mankind has gotten more sophisticated and more intelligent over the decades, that so many different categories of human beings, but, in particular, the intelligentsia has taken upon itself, to eliminate God, as irrelevant or a myth, and to thereby to declare that man is the measure of all things.  This means, that in place of moral absolutes, we live in the time in which many societies have essentially replaced such moral absolutes with moral relativism, which basically means that the morals that we live by, are determined by man, as man so resolves, based upon their perspective at that time, and that our laws are subsequently built around that relativism.


So then, it follows, when people state that cheating is wrong, or that killing another is wrong, or that stealing is wrong, that wrong is the absolute wrong word to actually use.  None of those things in a world of moral relativism, are wrong in itself, they may be illegal under certain conditions, as legislated and adjudged by civil authority within that state, but they cannot be wrong in themselves, because without absolute morals, than morals are viewed within the prism of that society, within the perspective of that society, and most importantly, morals, if even thought about, are in their essence, individually decided upon, so that in a world of no absolute morals, there are no absolutes at all, therefore, all that is labeled as wrong, is fundamentally flawed, for nothing is absolutely wrong, for there are no absolute moral codes.


This means that the people are not subjected to absolute moral codes, instead, they are only subject to the laws of the state, and nothing else.  So that, the reason that people do not cheat, the reason that people do not kill, the reason that people do not steal, has nothing to do with morals, and everything to do with the punishment that they will receive if prosecuted and convicted by law.  This also means, that for the general population there is no escape, from the oppressive nature of the law without moral absolutes, for laws can be specifically written and are specifically written to oppress and imprison certain people, and to favor and to benefit certain other people, and this isn't wrong, for there are no moral absolutes.


In a world of no moral absolutes, anything goes, subject to the laws of the land, of which, these laws are forever shifting  as well as being deliberately manipulated in order to support and to protect the ruling class, so that they can keep themselves in power and to keep all others in their thrall.  This means, in that world of no moral absolutes, the prevailing tendency would be for the rich to get richer, the powerful to get more powerful, the poor to get poorer, and the unhealthy to get unhealthier.


When mankind is, in effect, its own god, this is the cruelest god of all, for that god is arbitrary, unjust, cruel, selfish, corrupt, and unfair.  For when mankind, or those that lead mankind, really believe that there are no moral absolutes, than there is absolutely nothing to stay the hand of those in power, who will then use that power for their own self-serving benefit, and thereby ruthlessly exploit all others for their profit and for their comfort, and think absolutely nothing of having done so.