What makes a hero? / by kevin murray

To be heroic, is one of those fantasies, that most people have had at one time or another, but for most people, it remains just a fantasy, and never comes to fruition.  In order to know what a hero is, it is best to start off with what a hero really is not, which is, pretty much most everything that you see at the movie theatres in regards to superheroes, of which, these superheroes simply do not exist in the real world.  To be a hero, you do not need to have superhuman powers, or superhuman strength, that, in of itself, kind of defeats the purpose of our viewpoint of a hero, for to be superhuman, as implied by its definition, is to be beyond mere humanity, whereas, real heroes are real human beings, subject to the same temptations and foibles as any other human being.


This means, that each of us, is capable of being a hero, and the heroic tasks that we can accomplished are not limited to mere physical acts, though the saving of a drowning person in an ocean, or the physical defense of someone being attack, are acts of heroism that are physical in nature.  For instance, to be a hero, is to go within your community that is scourged with illicit drug usage and sales, and to thereby create programs, activities, and education so that the youth that are exposed to that type of lifestyle and behavior, can have something of real value to turn to instead, so that they can have a safe sanctuary that enables them to have a real chance and a real opportunity in this world, rather than being encased into a world of poverty, neglect, and incarceration.  So too, a hero is one that enlightens those that are engaged in unethical activities, of for instance, cheating on their exams, or purposely doing poor work and in general slacking off, as well as lying to hide mistakes that they have made, in which, each of these things is morally wrong, and that each of these if continued, will have a strong tendency to lead to additional shortcuts, lies, and cheating, of which none of these are conducive towards creating and displaying good character and moral rectitude.  In addition, a hero is one that just doesn't talk the talk, but walks the walk, by conducting themselves in a manner in which their words of advice and caution, are matched by their actions, so that they live clean lives, are respectful, diligent at school and at work, are generous with their time with others, and contribute positively to their community.


All of these above people are heroes, for a hero is made by the voluntary actions that they take, that are excellent exemplars to others, of how a good life should be lived, in which, these heroes take the time to directly engage with those that they congregate with, so as to positively help and to aid in their development and growth.  These heroes help to transform others into productive and positive members of society, by demonstrating to them that their individual decisions matter, that they do indeed have choices, and that the better the choices, the better their lives will be for themselves as well as for others, in which, heroes are made, from all those that fight for justice, fairness, and opportunity, fueled by the knowledge that it is the right and most appropriate thing to do.