American War Profits and War Tribute / by kevin murray

Many Americans are not aware that per our Constitution, war can only be declared by an Act of Congress, and no other.  So that, the last time that Congress declared war was on December 8, 1941, yet since that time America has been at war with several nations and principalities and is currently at war, though, none of today's wars are a Congressional declared war.  Instead, the President as Commander-in-Chief has aggrandized unto himself, the power to take war upon any such country that the President so desires.


The reason that the President utilizes his Commander-in-Chief status so frequently thereby involving America in foreign conflicts all over the world, so as to engage in military battles wherever America so desires, is clearly because the military needs to constantly justify its gargantuan budget, which is well over 50% of the nation's fiscal Discretionary Budget spending, therefore having that military used under the purported purpose of defending and protecting this nation from foreign insurgents of nation-states, or terrorists, must be constantly called upon.  It should be noted, that though the military is made up of personnel, in order for that personnel to be highly effective as a killing force, they must have the most modern weapons and infrastructure to help accomplish their missions, which means, that the military works hand-in-hand with corporations and institutions all throughout America to do exactly that.  Incredibly, the proposed fiscal year 2019 budget for the Department of Defense, including emergency allocations as well as the Department of Homeland Security, is an absolutely unfathomable amount of nearly $750 billion for just that one year!,  This signifies that all of these companies and contractors involved in the Defense business, whether on the periphery or directly, have a strong vested interest in securing that business, because that business provides them with both growth as well as profits.


This so indicates that the real reason why America is constantly at war, that is, undeclared war,  such as America has had with Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and Libya, is because the amount of monies and profit to be made is so great, that those involved institutions cannot risk the possible delay of warfare, which may lead to potential treaties, negotiations, and resolutions, but also cannot risk Congress denying the actual declaration of war, because there is way too much money on the line, so rather than treating the Constitution, as an instrument to  preserve, protect, and defend, our Constitution is treated instead as something to circumvent so that America is run not as a republican form of government, nor even as a democracy, but as an empire, controlled by a President, who for all practical purposes is an Emperor, in which, that President in order to even be enthroned to begin with, has implicitly, if not explicitly, agreed to the terms of the military-industrial complex which is the power actuating the Commander-in-Chief's policies for war.


America is constantly at war because of the profit and the power that these wars so richly provide certain institutions and their leaders, in which, unelected elites of some of the most powerful corporations the world has ever known make money hand over fist, as well as generals that constantly flex their muscles against opponents that cannot hope to successfully defend themselves and find that their country and their sovereignty are ravished by these American invaders, that they must thereby pay homage and tribute to.