Do right by your body and by your spirit / by kevin murray

When we eat the wrong foods, that are too sugary or too processed, which are basically known as "junk food", to the exclusion of more healthy choices, our body suffers the consequences of such a decision, by manifesting additional weight, and possible health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, as well as general physical lethargy.  The food that we eat feeds the body that we have, so that, more times than not, when we eat the right foods, our body appreciates it and does better, than when we do not take care of our body and mindlessly eat the wrong foods, too often and too much of them.


So too, our spirit must be fed, of which, by simply ignoring our spirit, and exclusively dwelling on this material world, this will invariably lead to a life that often doesn't impress us as being all that satisfactory, because we have taken our very essence of who and what we really are and cast it aside.  Then, there are others that feed their spirit, with the junk food of worldly life, replacing the time needed for quiet contemplation and praise for our Creator, with riotous living and an uncaring disregard for anything spiritual.  There are also those that while recognizing the value of their spirit,  aren't consistent in taking care of it, though they do, make it a point to feed it well from time-to-time, perhaps at Christmas or Easter, but for the balance of such, place their spirit, too often on a fasting diet.  Finally, there are those that recognize that our body houses our spirit, and therefore, knowing that their real essence is their spirit which is part and parcel of our omnipotent God, make sure to feed their spirit with the right stuff of generosity, kindness, patience, and love.


While we rightly applaud those that have the intelligence and discipline to feed their bodies the right foods and to exercise their bodies properly, as well as making sure to get enough rest, in addition to periodic appointments with their doctor to verify that all is functioning well, not to do the same sort of thing, for their spirit is an oversight of epic proportions.  Your spirit matters far more than your body, for your body will eventually be discarded, leaving you as you always were, and if the spirit has been treated as an afterthought, or fed exclusively on just worldly things, than such a spirit as that, will not be healthy, but rather diseased.


The same care and consideration that we are told to take in regards to our physical form, should be accorded to our spiritual one as well, so that we should take the time to pray, to congregate with others of like-mindedness, and to demonstrate our intimacy with the fruits of the spirit, by performing good deeds and good actions for our fellow sojourners here on earth.  Our spirit needs the good nourishment of right thinking and right actions, and having received such, all will be well within our spirit.