What a marvelous work is mankind / by kevin murray

Too many of us, just take our bodies and minds for granted, never seeming to recognize the enormous complexity of what makes up our bodies and minds, that is not only incredible, but is marvelous in its design.  In point of fact there are many simple substances on this earth, so that if we were to take a glass of water and thereupon to pour half into another glass, we have not changed the substance of water, at all, it is the same, but now contained in two different glasses.  If we took a very large rock and smashed it in two, again, we have not changed the essence of the rock, for it has become two rocks, identical in their substance, though slightly differing in its shape.  In general, things that are simple can be divided and re-divided without their essence changing, whereas things that are complicated cannot be divided at all, of which the human body is one of those things, as are, all living beings upon this planet.


As reported by the Smithsonian.com, it is estimated that each human body has 37.2 trillion cells, which is a number that is so massively high, it cannot really be properly conceived of within the human mind.   Yet, each cell, as reported by nationalgeographic.com has 20,000 genes, so the immensity of just the human body, is staggering, and when we take into account the brain, Dr. Michio Kaku estimates that the brain has "…100 billion neurons."


All of the above indicates that mankind is incredibly complex, beyond the level of our ready understanding, and a gargantuan task for any one scientist, or even a team of esteemed scientists to fully and comprehensively understand.  The amount of intricacy that mankind consists of is nearly incomprehensible, yet, we do not ourselves need to fully comprehend it, for we are able to live and accomplish things, utilizing our fantastically created bodies and minds, without having to know the inner workings of how it all really happens.


Although, mankind is the epitome of complexity, beauty, and intelligence, this world is made up of so many other animals, plants, and other objects that it is breathtaking to try to take it all in, of which, the more that we study ourselves and the world around us, the more marvelous that it is to behold.  We are not simple organisms, we are instead, immensely complex, meticulous in our creation, and elaborate, of which, we are now just beginning to unravel the astonishing brilliance of our design.


Whether or not you as a person believe in God or not, does not change the fact as to whether God exists.  However, the more scientific work and study that is done in regards to the complexity of life here on earth, and specifically of mankind, the more that these scientists will be overwhelmed by the immensity of the task and comprehension of what is right in front of them.  This research so being done need not directly address anything outside the empirical world of science, but these scientists do have a responsibility to explicitly state the complexity and intricacy of what they do see, of which, their conclusion will invariably be, that all this is marvelous to behold, and beyond words.