The blame game / by kevin murray

Most people have areas in their life that disappoint them, or have weaknesses within their personality that annoy them, and basically find themselves not really being the type of person that they wish that they were. In some cases, they recognize that the blame lies within them, for they are ultimately responsible for the things that they think, say, and do, but many people, find a way to place the blame elsewhere, and specifically, outside of themselves, and this type of thinking, where the blame is placed elsewhere other than on one's shoulders is at its core, dishonest, and unproductive.


Though there are circumstances and situations that occur in people's lives, in which truth be told, there is plenty of blame to be passed around, taking the time to actually assess who, what, and why of that given situation, and to thereby assign such blame appropriately is not going to actually alleviate what has already occurred, for what is done is done, and now the actual real responsible action to take is to go about and see what one can do in order to make things better, and to mitigate what has already occurred.


The thing about life is that things actually happen, in which, some of those things are not desirable, whatsoever, yet, they do occur. This does so mean, that the secret of success and equanimity in life, is to deal with circumstances that are undesired or are unfavorable in a manner in which your subsequent actions and your mindset engages things in a constructive way and manner, as opposed to whining and blaming others for your misfortune, even when, there is some blame to be passed around, for it is in one's reactions and responses to things that go against us, that definitely do test our character, and we either will grow from it, or we will regress.


It must be said that people should look upon life as a test, in which, each of us is tested in our own way, and those that meet the tests in life, so as to make the best out of their circumstances, are the ones that are able to progress forwardly and not only that, they have become better people for having been so tested, for a person that has no hurdles, and no ill winds blowing against them, usually has not the tools to successfully deal with adversities when they do so come.


So too, how is it possible to know what a given person is made of, if not tested by the stinging blows of misfortune? This does so mean that those that rue their bad luck, or their bad misfortune, and rail to the gods of the unfairness of it all, may have a point to a certain extent, but more importantly is this the appropriate response, to such circumstances? Isn't it really the truth that great leaders, and great people of all stripes, are forged through the fires of adversity and that is the very thing that proves that they are beyond the ordinary and therefore great in their purpose and in their success?


Forget about blame, for blaming others really won't get you anywhere, but rather, make it your purpose, to recognize, that when difficulty strikes, deal with such in a manner which demonstrates that you are gifted with the free will to respond in a determined and focused manner that is beneficial for the life that represents you at your very best.