Good thoughts, good words, good deeds / by kevin murray

The above reflects the Zoroastrian ethic that each individual should as their ideal, promulgate: good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, for we are what we think, our thinking begets the words that we speak and write, and our right actions, are guided by those thoughts and words. Religions as well as governments, and even civilization, itself, are instituted by mankind for the benefit of that mankind, of which, doing good is the most appropriate way to interact with our fellow human beings.


Life doesn't need to be all that complicated, it doesn't need endless reams of manmade laws, or even restrictive religious laws and tenets, for on the most basic level, if each of us makes it a point, to think good thoughts, then to follow through with those good thoughts by speaking and testifying to truthful things, and lastly being consistent by trying not to demonstrate any form of hypocrisy or deception, to the best of their ability, they will as a matter of fact find themselves performing needful and good deeds.


In every part of your life, in which you know for a certainty that you are doing wrong, than to continue to do so, is creating even more wrong, and unless one has the courage and perspicuity to correct such behavior, the deeper the hole of error will be sunk. The first step to becoming a better and more consistent person is to begin with one's own mind and one's own thoughts, for your thoughts surely are your own, they can be no one else's, and if you think and contemplate on the wrong things, than, more than likely, nothing good will come from it, so the disciplining of our own minds should be a very top priority, for thoughts are the masters of actions.


It then so follows, that the things that we think and dwell upon, will in more cases than not be truly reflected in the words that we write and speak, for if you think it, you speak it, for words do not come out of the thin air, they come from our own minds, that actuate our words. So too, while it may be hard to discipline our mind and thereby our thoughts, when it comes to words that we write and speak, such discipline is much easier, for these words can always be stopped, simply by silence, and further they can be controlled to a great extent, by thinking first before we speak, for a word once spoken, is gone and no longer is our own.


The actions and deeds that we create are our most important activity of them all, for this is our thoughts and words in action, which will truly put an exclamation mark on who and what we really are, of which, if our thoughts and words are corrupt, or wrong, our actions in a matter of course, will follow suit, for good deeds are brought forth from the seeds that we have already planted, so that, if we create a solid foundation, built upon honesty, righteousness, caring, concern, and the deep desire to do right, than our actions will reflect such.


So that, good thoughts do indeed lead to good words, which further becomes good deeds, so what we think and say most definitely matters, and our actions wholly define who and what we are, so that, those that do good, think good, and those that think wrong, do less right than they could, for lack of their interest or mindful concern in disciplining their own minds that is wholly within their control.