The Hidden / by kevin murray

Those that have things of immeasurable value, make absolutely certain to hide or to put up those items into something such as a security box, or a special hiding place, for when they need to secure such, because their value is so high, they must therefore be well hidden to protect against adverse events as well as to be prudent. So too, these material items are typically insured, for the lost of them, would be catastrophic, not just financially, but also emotionally as well as the tragedy of losing something, so treasured.


When it comes to our personal bodies, we too have something to hide, deep within us, which truly defines us, which is of incalculable value, and that is our soul. Our soul is hidden within our body, sometimes so deeply, that we are not even cognizant of its presence ourselves, making such an esteemed treasure, not just hidden, but forgotten.


Our souls are not on full display to others of this earthly plane, because our soul, is the real you, the undisguised you, that reflects totally who and what you really are, whereas, we live in a treacherous world that speaks of truth, but denies it, that speaks of justice, but is almost always unjust, and of equality, yet we are surrounded by inequality. This signifies that if our soul was voluntarily visible to all those that are evil in their principle and evil in their designs, they then would desire to attack and try to hurt any soul that threatened to diminish their wrong doings in this world.


Our soul is the most valuable possession that we have, which is why such is hidden from all those that we do not know or trust, for to expose our soul to others, that have not our best interests in mind, exposes ourselves to the possible relentless abuse and corruption that those that are evil are bent upon doing, for great souls bring forth great good, and great good diminishes evil.


Our soul is hidden for our own protection, made even more protected, by those that do not recognize that souls even exist, for if these people believe that only that which is visible, or scientifically proven is real, than all that is invisible or not scientifically proven is well hidden and since our soul is hidden and of immense value, this means that the preeminent part of our being, is unsearched for.


A wise man does not waste his time in speaking with fools, for his words are wasted, because there is nowhere to plant his visionary seeds, so it is that our soul, rests within our body, only waiting to be actuated by he who controls that body, so that when that man is ready, the soul will speak through and to him.


Your body is the temporal housing for your soul, therefore, your body is not you, for it is perishable, and anything that is perishable, is not of your eternal essence. Your soul is both protected and well hidden because it is truly you, of which, its only home is with its Creator, so that, all those other beings, that are actively in rebellion against the Creator through their bad actions and their bad thoughts, cannot and are not good for you soul. Your soul survives in this world because it is hidden within the body, so that precious as it is, it will not be tarnished, corrupted, or stolen.