Eat more meat / by kevin murray

Human beings are omnivores, for they eat both plant as well as animal matter. Big cats such as lions, tigers, and jaguars, along with wolves, cheetahs, polar bears, and wolverines are carnivores, because they survive strictly on eating animal matter. When we look closely at the animal world of carnivores, those animals in the wild are almost never overweight, and basically the only times when carnivores carry any excess fat, is when, for instance, they need to store fat in the frigid winter times, when food is scarce and the temperature is cold, as well as the occasional times, when the food is so plentiful at one sitting, that they eat so much as to fully gorge themselves, but over the ensuing days they will eat less. This means, that in the wild, there are no fat carnivores, of which, the most logical reason why carnivores are not fat, is that their diet, is not fat producing.


Humans on the other hand, have continued to get fatter and fatter, especially within the last three generations, of which, the main culprit, for such a fundamental change within such a short period of time, can only come down to the diet that humans eat, of which, as mankind eats more and more food that has not nutritional value, such as snacks, sugar-based products, processed foods of all types, sodas, and basically all those foods considered to be "junk food", the obesity rate for mankind has reached epidemic proportions.


In recent times, all sorts of diets have been put forth to help mankind to maintain a more appropriate weight, along with exercise programs, proper eating strategies, pills and other chemicals to suppress the appetite, and so on and so forth, of which, these things in aggregate have typically not been able to stem the tide, but, some of these dietary strategies have been most definitely effective. One idea, though, quite unusual and uncommon, is the recognition that human beings can live and appear to be able to get all their nutritional needs from eating a strictly meat based diet, that is, becoming exclusively a carnivore. For instance, Eskimos or the Inuit in isolated areas of the world have historically, until the most recent of times, had no choice but to survive on eating just meat for generations upon generations, and have been studied quite thoroughly, in which, their health was found to be just fine, that is, they were healthy, despite a diet that did not contain any plants, vegetables, fruits, or modern processed foods.


This would seem to suggest, or more than suggest, that eating a high protein diet, with lots of animal fat, is not only not bad for your health, but probably will result in a lower weight or a more ideal weight for your body, in which your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels will all be markedly improved. After all, there are no fat carnivores, in which many of these carnivorous animals are considered to be the strongest, fastest, and fiercest of all the animals in the animal kingdom, in fact, the carnivorous lion is considered to be the king of the jungle. On the other hand, pigs and chickens are omnivores, which aren't exactly strong, fast, or fierce, though they do make for some good eating.