The export and import of genius / by kevin murray

When you take a look around at the CEOs of America's biggest multi-national corporations, along with governmental officials at the highest levels, as well as the professors and scientists at our highest institutions of learning, in addition to our research and development departments, one can't help but to notice that many of the very best and the very brightest are not actually native born, that, rather they are, in fact, those that have immigrated here, whether at a young age, or at their collegiate age, or whatever age, they subsequently made this their desired and ultimately their official residence.


The progress that mankind makes at this stage of its development, has a lot more to do with the intelligence of its people, especially those that at the highest levels are able to effectively utilize and develop upon foundations, theories, and structures, in such a manner, that mankind can continue to make important breakthroughs in all sorts of endeavors, that make for the advancement of civilizations, as opposed to those previous eras that relied more upon brawn, luck, or pure happenstance.


This does mean, that countries that are somehow able to import or to obtain the genius minds of other countries, have enriched themselves, and to a large extent, made those countries that lost those geniuses, poorer for that lost.  This would certainly indicate, that countries such as the United States will continue to get even more rich and even more successful, than those countries that do not have the most appropriate infrastructure or lack the sensibility to have a good rule of law, or lack other various accommodations, or lack economies of scale, or just plain lack opportunity, so that they are constantly susceptible to losing the very people that they need to help build their country and their infrastructure up, because in most cases, those that are the very brightest, are going to gravitate to where they will be able to truly test their wings on the most meaningful level.  


This would certainly indicate that those countries that make it a point to accommodate in one form or another, those that are especially gifted in a way that keeps them engaged with their country of birth, are fundamentally doing the wisest thing that they can do, so as to keep their homegrown talent, for every country that loses their homegrown talent to the United States is shooting themselves in the foot, for though, the United States is actually an embarrassment in their aggregate education global ranking in regards to science and math, especially when compared to other countries that have educational budgets that are far smaller, as well as governments that are often far less secure, the United States hasn't really lost too many steps because of it, for it still dominates the world in corporate power, in GDP, in its military power, as well as in Nobel prizes so awarded, demonstrating that it isn't the aggregate educational score that is so important, but rather which country has the most superstars and super teams, and that country is the United States,  for far too many countries allow their best to leave them, and they are far poorer for it.