Wishing and doing, right and wrong / by kevin murray

While it seems rather obvious that wishing for something, but not taking the constructive steps to accomplish that certain something, cannot possibly be on the same page as actually taking the steps to do that certain something, as well as actually doing that very thing, yet, there are all sorts of people, that live in a world of wishing well for themselves or others, which has its place, but doing little or nothing to actually do something of substance for themselves or others, not seeming to understand the very big divide between wishing well and doing well.


In point of fact, as it is written in scripture, "…The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few…." (Luke 10:2), for there are a multitude of good people, that definitely know the value of a good cause, but somehow never seem to have the energy or the vitality to actually do much about it to help those good causes, though, they are quite content to enjoy the fruits of those that do exert themselves for that cause, of which those that do put themselves in harm's way, recognize implicitly that they personally will hardly benefit, but that it is the right thing to do, because it needs to be done, and society will be better for it having been done.


The fact that you have good ideas has its place, the fact that you wish to do wonderful and great things is obviously far better than wishing to do evil and horrible things, but if you aren't able to actually provide some sweat labor to the good cause, then you haven't done what you really should be doing, and what you really ought to be doing.  The main progress in the advancement of society has come from those people that selflessly devote themselves, bravely to the cause of justice, fairness, and equality, in which, those that are on the front lines of such an effort, typically, personally gain little, while risking and devoting a lot, but they do so, because their efforts are the necessary efforts to make society better, which necessitates confronting injustice, unfairness, and inequality and fighting nobly against it.


The reason that good causes fail, or are so long and drawn out in the coming, has little to do with evil really being the match of good, but rather that, far too many people, provide lip service to good causes, but are not willing to provide the effort and risk necessary for those good causes to triumph over evil, as well as the opposing side, because the current status quo conditions benefit them, are quite adept at keeping the dogs at bay, because they are selfishly motivated to keep what they have, by any means necessary, and are actually truly devoted to their cause, even though their cause is both wrong and nearly always, self-centered.


There are very few good causes that have come to successful fruition, without a lot of labor, effort, devotion, and commitment, in which those exerting themselves, often suffer for the cause, but do not relent in their cause, because they are driven to see the success of their cause, even if they won't necessarily directly benefit from it, because they are the ones that don't just wish for things to be made right, but are doing what they can to actually make things right.