Harmony / by kevin murray

Today's modern world in a lot of respects has endeavored to throw off the shackles of superstition, which most definitely has its place, for superstition is the blind belief in something, without any valid substance to that belief.  However, it is one thing to rail against the stupidity of irrationality and certain forms of mythology, and another to discount or to discredit things that are unseen or are not able to be measured by current scientific instruments as not being in existence.


For instance, whether one believes in God or not, is each person's personal prerogative; but even the most scientific amongst us, implicitly recognizes that there an infinite amount of things that they don't fully comprehend, or haven't even a fathoming of.   Yet, so too, all of the scientific fields of this world are dependent upon the recognition that all is order, meaning that there are universal laws that consistently are the same, and therefore it is one of the prime purposes of mankind to discover those laws, visible or invisible, for the benefit of mankind.


This means that the universe in order to be known, must in fact, be organized, which indeed it is, for if the universe was chaos, random, and without order, then the study of it wouldn't be possible, for the basis of all scientific knowledge is built upon supportable foundations and verifiable theories, of which, if these are subject to change, like the winds on a given day, then all would be pointless, and unknowable.


This would indicate that the highest purpose of mankind is to be in tune, to be in order, and to be in harmony with the forces of this universe, for those laws are the laws that govern all, of which, these laws to have any lasting import, must be immutable, eternal, self-sufficient, omnipresent, and discoverable.  That is to say, any universal law which does not have the characteristics as so described, cannot, by definition, be the correct universal law, for the correct universal law, is one and the same, as having those very characteristics.


Further to the point, ultimately the very purpose behind everything that we do and that we contemplate upon, is to find the source and the meaning of it all; so that, those that are most knowledgeable, understand that the search that we are making is really the search for that truth, and anything less than that full truth, signifies that our most valued journey has not yet been accomplished.


So then, all those that do and seek for that which is harmonious with the highest order of being, are exactly doing what they are supposed to be doing; and all that is being accomplished and propagated which is opposed to such, is foundationally flawed.  It is well to acknowledge, that all that there ultimately is, is unchangeable in its essence, therefore our ability to interrelate with that, is the harmony which should represent our greatest calling.  All else is vanity and error, for there is only one truth, and that truth is the very reason for our being.