What the cross truly means / by kevin murray

The cross is the premier symbol for those of the Christian faith, of which, many people wear it as a matter of habit, or of preference, or in recognition and respect for the Christian religion.  While the wearing of any symbol that identifies you with that particular faith, has its place, it is important to also recognize the meaning of such a symbol and the incumbent responsibility that one has for wearing it; for a symbol that seems to stipulate that you are a valid representative of the Christian faith, but without works reflecting such, is a rather hollow representation of where one actually needs to be.


That is to say, it can be argued, and has been argued, that those that wear a badge of honor must do their part to show that honor in their demeanor and in their accomplishments, or they might even be considered to be worse than someone that wears no symbol at all, for their apparent hypocrisy.   Of course, in order to appropriately reflect what the cross means, would also necessitate, knowing what that cross means, of which, there is a wide divergent of opinion in regards to this very thing.


In point of fact, the cross should be looked upon as for what it demonstratively has told us thru Scripture, which is that, our Savior, Jesus the Christ, was crucified upon a cross, until his physical death.  That should definitely signify that the cross should be seen as a symbol for each of us, that we have a sacred responsibility to symbolically crucified our old selfish and sinful self, so that, we are thereby reborn, becoming therefore  a true representative of God's very own.


This means, that those that lightly wear the cross, without thinking through their incumbent responsibilities to the meaning of that cross, are not true Christians, though they may be good people, and may wish to be seen as such, but they are only surface Christians, and not Christians, through and through.  For the bottom line is that Jesus the Christ, went to his physical death, of which, such a death was a travesty of justice, but He did so, to demonstrate that not only is there a Supreme Power that actuates each one of us, and that not only is there a Supreme Power that is beyond this physical plane, but to let us know for a certainty that to become what we need to become is to recognize that we need to let go of our fear of physical harm and death, in recognition that we are not of this physical and temporary dimension, but that we are in essence, spiritual and eternal.


The cross should be our reminder that we will not become enraptured within a world, that though it may have its moments, is too often filled with injustice, hatred, strife, confusion, and chaos; but rather, instead, recognize that each one of us is a child of the very same God, so that everything that we do which is to fulfill our own ego needs and selfish desires, is a distinct step away from God, of which we need to bear foremost in our mind that the cross is our grounding point, which should serve to remind us, that we must reconstitute and resurrect ourselves, daily, to be that which is love.