Facebook and the Faustian bargain / by kevin murray

Facebook likes to advertise itself as simply a social media site, but in point of fact, it is almost inconceivable that a social media site that did not correlate, integrate, cogitate, and analyze, everything posted from the millions upon millions of users of such a site and the intricacies of that usage; providing all this actionable information to advertisers and marketers of all sorts for a very pretty price, could be worth a market capitalization of over $600 billion dollars, which is the current market capitalization of Facebook.


Facebook says an awful lot of things, of which one of the more pertinent ones is their effort to give people the impression that Facebook is on the user's side, thereby implying pretty much that everything Facebook does is done on behalf of their users; in addition to reminding their users that because Facebook is free, and therefore of no monetary charge to the consumer, users are able to freely enjoy the benefits of the site by keeping up on current events, their family, their friends , and making their own Facebook posts and likes.


However, there are some things that are free, but have in actuality a very real price attached to them, and in a world, of which computer processing power and capabilities have never been cheaper or better, all those "likes" that people put on their Facebook page, and all their personal information and interrelationships that they have carefully constructed, are there for the taking for those third party entities as authorized or quasi-authorized by Facebook, along with "bad actors" that basically permit all these organizations to know Facebook users in a manner that not only is in almost all cases not beneficial for them, but actually puts these entities in a very strong position to exploit  and to manipulate Facebook users, in a manner that is both effective as well as relentless.


This then means that the Faustian bargain that has been constructed is that the typical Facebook users' personal life, of which, their belief is that all is foremost under their control, is actually far more exposed to marketers and advertisers, as well as other assorted entities, in a manner in which for them, unbeknownst or not, they have  ceded far more control of who and what they really are in essence, to those that do not have their best interests in mind, but rather are delighted to have a commodity or an asset to monetize, of which the Facebook user gets paid, nary a dime.


Further to the point, young people, and especially all those that post and utilize Facebook as almost their personal diary, have not yet developed or have failed to develop the discernment, maturity, and wisdom, to truly comprehend that some things are best left unsaid, uncommented upon, and are forgettable; for they fail to comprehend that in the Facebook world everything is remembered, classified, recorded, and subject to endless sophisticated algorithms.


The thing is Facebook knows their users, in a way that treats each of those users as a valuable piece of property and thereby, in ways both large and small, those that freely post on Facebook are essentially freely providing all of their personal substance to Facebook, of which, the only real thing received in return from this false flag social media site is a modern day steroid version of Big Brother, which serves well the purpose of greedy for-profit commercial interests as well as the intrusive security interests within America, all in good service to the devil, that delights in such.