Those that want and those that have / by kevin murray

The world is not even close to be evenly divided between those that want, as opposed to those that have.  In fact, those that have, in regards to material assets, respect, power, and prestige, are seriously outnumbered by those that for the most part want most or some of those very same things, but don't actually have it, and in all likelihood, will never have it.  This then begs the question, as to how do those few that have, maintain what they do have, at the expense of all those that want?


The basic answer to that question is that the structure of many countries is erringly similar one to another in the actual functionality of that government in relationship to the people.  That is to say, the selected few in number in almost every country dominates the majority of their country, by utilizing their wealth, power, propaganda, taxation, property, justice, and force in a manner that protects that ruling class over all others that might contend against them, despite whatever Constitution or system that may be the prevailing document of that country.


In point of fact, in just about any country, at its core, the police and military work for the ruling class. So too, the justice and legal system is structured in a way to keep in power the ruling class and to keep down the population as a whole.  When it comes to the political system, the choices that are provided, often aren't real choices at all, and in any event, are carefully vetted so as to assure the ruling class that these politicians are in lockstep as much as possible with that class. Additionally, banks and companies, primarily try to sell the illusion to the general public that all is fair and square in regards to credit loans and wage income, but those institutions are structured in a manner to exploit consumers in regards to usurious interest rates and penalties, as well as to cheat as many laborers as possible from a fair income, with the cream of the profits directed almost exclusively to the executive room.


Sure, some countries have developed a middle class, but for the most part, those people as a middle class, are a necessary function in order to basically support the ruling class and the accouterments that they so richly desire and subsequently have in abundance.  In point of fact, there is a glass ceiling, between all those that want, and all those that already have, and breaking through that ceiling for a huge swath of the population is not only inconceivable, it is well-nigh impossible. So that, year after year, nothing much seems to change, for the rich plunder more and get richer, and everyone else must share what is left, effectively and unfairly cheated out of what they should really have.


The more unequal a society is as demonstrated by the assets and income of its population, the less those that want actually have, and more those that have actually have.  For instance, as reported by, the collective wealth of the 400 individuals on the Forbes 400 list is actually equivalent to the wealth of 64% of all the households in America, combined!    Thus, this means in the eternal battle between the haves and the have-nots, that despite the fact that the haves are significantly outnumbered by a very considerable amount, they actually sleep quite soundly at night, for they not only have everything conceivable in their pockets, but they also have a stranglehold upon everything else that could possibly mount an effective assault upon them.