True success and true failure / by kevin murray

There are a lot of people that measure their success by the amount of the wealth that they have; then there are others that measure their success by the respect that they are accorded, but by whatever measure that you do so use, unless it actually takes into account others, and thereby your positive influence upon those others, than your viewpoint of success is fundamentally flawed; especially for trapping yourself into not taking into consideration that it is your inclusiveness and fairness with others, that pretty much trumps everything else.


That is to say, living in a capitalistic society, of incredibly uneven familial situations, of uneven public educational facilities, of uneven housing and uneven healthcare, and all the other attendant prejudices based more upon where you are born, or the status of your family, or the color of your skin, or of your creed, doesn't do a good job of actually separating the wheat from the chaff.  Which basically means the true test of any person's character, is what they do with what has been given to them, and those that are gifted with much more than others, have an incumbent responsibility to do all so much more for others, than those that are gifted with very ,very little.


So too, it is a rather sad state of affairs, when so many get so much pleasure, from exploiting their fellow man, believing incorrectly that because a given transaction gives off the aura of fairness and is non-compulsory that it is just fine and dandy to take advantage of situations that primarily are very beneficial for the one that finds a weakness or vulnerability in another, and is thereby able to mine such for their own profit.


In point of fact, no matter how it is painted in the minds of individuals, all those that justify their actions under the false pretense that they are fair, believing that because all is apparently above board and declared legal by a system that too often favors the few over the many, doesn't invalidate the fact that those that live in a construct in which everything is really about their own self, are creating by their very actions the seeds of their very own negative trauma.  The bottom line is that in actuality you cannot outrun justice, and those actions that are selfish in their benefits and accouterments are not now and never will be right in their execution.


Those that dedicate their lives to making the world and society a better place, by being just and fair in their time, demeanor, and actions are doing exactly what a fellow compatriot should be doing.  On the other hand, those that do their personal business in order to benefit themselves and a few select others, may look set to finish the race as champions, only to find out, to their dismay, that they never really understood what the rulebook said, and ultimately will suffer the fate that they have written by their self-centered actions, which is the realization that those that are selfish have failed at the most important test of their life, of which, truth be told, this was the only true test to begin with.