Each important step in life should be carefully considered / by kevin murray

There are many a person that have lived a long life, only to find that near the end of that life, they are not at all satisfied with the decisions that they have made and the results produced from those very same decisions.  Further to the point, with hindsight, experience, and some accumulated wisdom, they now clearly see the mistakes that they have made, but unfortunately they aren't able to rectify them because they cannot undo the past, and they have also run out of time.


In point of fact, everyone is defined by the decisions that they make, of which, in most people's lives, there are going to be those critical decisions that should be not only carefully considered, but also contemplated, as well as discussed with respected others, so as to be thoroughly examined.  That is to say, important decisions, whether that be in a relationship, or employment, or in education, often required and necessitate in order to arrive at a good decision; the thoughtfulness that a decision of that magnitude actually requires.


Of course, there are plenty of people, that make snap decisions, perhaps based on a hunch, or intuition, or happenstance, that work out quite well for them, which is just fine.  Then there are plenty of other people, for instance, that work hard to save up the money in their life, only to spend that saved money on some harebrain idea of a business that fails, or to spend it recklessly in a period of weakness for reasons really unknown, or loan it out to someone that is irresponsible, and lose it all. 


It isn’t so much that quick decisions are always wrong, because they aren't, but the difference is that a carefully thought upon decision, based upon solid reasoning, and, for example, acknowledged as a good and worthy decision by someone of real merit, is going to, more times than not, be the more appropriate route to take, especially when such a decision, has real life changing ramifications.  This does mean that the more that you correctly value yourself and your life, the more that you should respect yourself and your life, by making decisions that demonstrate in effect that these decisions made are truly responsible and clearly reasoned decisions.


It must be said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a different path in life, but to do so out of spite or immaturity, or obstinacy, or contrariness, are not the right reasons for doing so.  The right way to make a good decision, especially a decision that appears on the surface to not be the correct decision, is to test such a contemplated decision, in the fires and cauldron of the reality of the world as it is.


Any truly life changing decision necessitates the same degree and intensity of pursuit for the correct answer that all things of vital import deserve.  At least, then, if a given decision does not work out, there is the knowledge that it was thoroughly examined and so that the second guessing of such a decision, is minimized, knowing that one did the best that they could do, with the tools, knowledge, and information that they had at their ready disposal. 


Make it your point and your principle that for every important step in your life, without fail, that you will accurately examine that step, and having thoroughly done so, you may rest assure that you truly did do your best with what you had, and no more can any ask than that.