Warning: This Corporation has committed corporate crime / by kevin murray

America is truly the land of incarceration; but there is a caveat upon this, which is that the incarceration, almost exclusively focuses on individuals and the incarceration of those individuals for their individual actions, of which those individuals so incarcerated, basically carry a scarlet letter upon their chest for the duration of their lives.  So that, when applying for a job, they are required to answer in the affirmative that they have been arrested and that they have been convicted, which, quite obviously, makes it rather problematic to find themselves a good paying job, fair opportunity, or even just some common courtesy and respect. 


On the other hand, corporations, are convicted of offenses all of the time, of which, some of these offenses are quite serious, such as polluting the waters to such a degree, that innocent people suffer from much higher cancer rates as well as other illnesses and troubles; or these corporations illegally collude with one another, or they violate food and drug regulations by the tainting of such, or they misstate their true financial condition to the SEC, or they obstruct justice by false testimony, and so on.  In regards to these offenses, some are actually tried in a court of law, many, though are plea bargained, whereas others come to an agreement of prosecutorial deferment or even a deferred judgment.  In any event, the amount of money involved in corporate fines, is in the billions upon billions of dollars, with, for example, British Petroleum recently being subjected to a fine of $20.8 billion by the Department of Justice.


As might be expected though, corporations that are fined, convicted, or come to plea bargained agreements of any sort are rather reluctant to disclose such to the public, except as necessitated by the circumstances, which usually involves a rather self-serving apology and a promise to do better.  The thing is, though, while there are all sorts of warnings attached to all sorts of products that consumers buy and utilize all of the time, there typically aren't any such warnings and admissions mandated against corporate criminals that would be akin to what a convicted individual has to endure when applying for a job.  That is to say, the biggest corporations in the world, advertise all of the time, through all sorts of media channels, of which, in fairness, to those that actually obey the law and are law abiding themselves, and believe further that good people and therefore that good corporations should do the same, should therefore see that those bad corporations are compelled by law to divulge to the public via their advertisements, their dirty deeds of corporate malfeasance.


The bottom line is that it is really not that difficult, to place at the bottom of a given advertisement, a list of the crimes that a given corporation has committed, or to end a commercial with a roll call of such; which is something that the general public deserves to know, for advertisements are quite influential in giving the impression to the consumers of ads, that these corporations are upstanding; whereas, full disclosure would indicate, that really isn't the case for a substantial number of them.  Therefore, crimes by corporations must be exposed for what they really are, which is criminal activity, and repeat offenders, should be dismantled, sold off, or taken over by the government, as need be.