The false gods we live for / by kevin murray

There are far too many people that live their lives in a manner in which quite clearly, they are all about getting what they can get, and getting as much as they can get, to the exclusion of most everything else.  This means that there are plenty of people that talk about being neighborly, or being generous, or may even believe that they are those things themselves, but in their day-to-day activities, they by their actions disown such attributes, and in reality are actually fixated on first getting what they can get, and once that they have what they really want, are willing to share some of their good life with others, as long as it doesn't involve actually sacrificing that good life in order to do so.


All those that live for wealth, or pleasure, or power, or other things of this sort, should be aware that truly a given person cannot in actuality serve two masters at once; so that, for example, either you will serve the gods of wealth, while, if successful, reaping in this world the pleasures of having that wealth, or you will serve your fellow mankind by treating those that you congregate with courtesy, generosity, concern, and loving respect. 


Now, it isn't that all those that have wealth are by definition, selfish, or self-serving, though many of them are, but rather, in any drive to have something, you will have to make decisions, that will necessitate the unveiling of your true character; so that, if in order to obtain that wealth, you have to essentially cheat someone out of their just due, that decision, tells the tale of who and what you really are, and all the words after the effect, won't change that essential truth.


All of the above means that talk is always going to be cheap, for it is actually in the actions and their activities that people create their true identity, and a true test as to what you are faithful to, is demonstrated by the choices voluntarily made.  Of course, there are plenty of people that will freely admit that they are all about pleasure or power, and make no excuses for being that, of which, whatever happiness that they receive from being those things is theirs for the taking.  However, the downside of that lust for power or pleasure, isn't so much that you can never get enough of it, but rather, that even when you do get all that you ever wanted or seemingly very close to it, it isn't really all that.


The most important point to understand is that the only true and worthy treasure is that treasure that time or circumstances can never take from you.  For instance, wealth or pleasure, when you depart from this world, you cannot take with you, and further to the point, you may find that even before you depart, that old age or other infirmities or betrayals demonstrates that these things are not as secure or as pleasing as it might have first seemed. 


A false god is a god that will not be there for you, when you are at your most vulnerable and you really do need that god's help, and therefore that is what makes that god, false.  On the other hand, the true God is the eternal source of everything that is just, true, and loving--of which, at best, some of the things we so often lust for, are pale reflections of that God.  The only God that truly matters is the One that is always there for you, of which, if you truly do seek this God with all of your heart and all of your mind, then the false gods will drop off, one by one, leaving just the Only One.