Finding the living God / by kevin murray

There is a multitude of ways to discover and to take in the word of God, for instance, through one's Bible, through Church or Bible study, through the listening of sermons, or through the reading of sermons, through intuition, and through mediation, and pretty much through any medium that can be imagined.  All of this is necessary, for to merely hear the word of God, but to not take in the word of God, so that God's word is a living and breathing part of one's actuation in life, is ultimately to not be fully immersed in the word, and those that are merely lukewarm, have not discovered the true nourishing word that satisfies completely.


Because each one of us is different the pathway to our finding the living God, is going to be different for each of us, so that, though there may be many paths that can be taken, the ultimate destination from those paths is always going to be the same for all.  So then, in order to stay focus on the prize of all prizes, the most important concept to fully grasp is that God is our ever present and living Being, of which this is absolutely relevant, for our God is eternally omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.  Therefore, it is our ever present desire that our mentors, as well as our forthright sojourners are of material aid in assisting us in finding the living God.


It is important to note that there is little point in reading scripture in a manner that seems to stipulate "that was then, but this is now," as if the sermons, metaphors, and words of wisdom, meant something back then, but has little relevancy to this modern day age.  That, unfortunately, is the hubris of the present age, where there are those that somehow don't believe that previous civilizations from two millennium ago could possibly have relevancy, today; but yet we read in Holy Scripture that "…there is no new thing under the sun,"(Ecclesiastes 1: 9).  Which, is just another way of saying that the essence of and the troubles of mankind are not new.


The only water that fully refreshes the body is water that is not stagnant, but is instead a running, flowing, and living water; so then, the only God that will fully satisfy us, is one that is alive.  It is up to each one of us, to understand that surface knowledge of surface things is never going to get us very far in life; but rather, we must put ourselves into the position to wake up in a "cold sweat" to the full comprehension that there is nothing of more value, than the whole Truth, and that our soul will not rest until we find such.


In order to do exactly that, recognize that God speaks to us each and every day, if only we would really try to find and to thereby listen to that quiet, still voice that ever calls to us; for God loses sight of no one and nobody, and God will never rest, no matter how long it seemingly takes, for each one of His sheep, to return back to the fold that has left His good pasture.  Make it your point, and delay not, to find the one and only living God, for all else, no matter how bright it might shine, or how sparkling it glitters, are mere counterfeits to that which completes us.