Entrenched poverty / by kevin murray

The United States is the third most populous nation in the world, and though it has plenty of land, the most entrenched poverty is located primarily within the core of the segregated inner city of which those denizens are essentially isolated from society at large in the sense that they often lack ready access to good housing, safe neighborhoods, good schools, safe parks, good employment opportunities and so on and so forth.  In point of fact, those that live in areas of which there is no good employment within a short commuting distance, as well as lacking ready access to good healthcare, while also suffering from substandard schools; subject its residents to being stuck within their dire circumstances, and these citizens are especially vulnerable to being perpetually caught within a cycle of poverty that they are never able to successfully generate the escape velocity to ever move out from.


America does not have an abundance of jobs that pay a living wage to begin with, and certainly has even less of those jobs available for people that lack the proper means to even be able to consistently arrive at work at the proper time without having to go through endless hurdles; in addition to many of these same people often being, ill educated, while also lacking in the intricacy of the knowledge of appropriate social niceties.  Quite frankly, most employers, though they may talk about how they will hire people without experience, only mean that in the general sense of people that appear to be fundamentally bushy-tailed and really ready to work, and thereby to gainfully take on the responsibilities of such.


In many cases when it comes to employment, those that suffer from entrenched poverty are at a great disadvantage, for employers are often seeking only those that have a reliable means of transportation to get to work, of which, those without access to an automobile are reduced to public transportation which may or may not be viable for them, or have to lean on other means of transportation, which may or may not be cost effective or always available.  Additionally, many employers need a ready means to communicate with their employees, which basically necessitates good and reliable internet access as well as a cell phone, which those that are impoverished may not have.  So too, when it comes to employers, those potential employees that are illiterate or ill educated, are going to often be left behind, because employers often do not have the patience or extra money to deal with employees that aren't functionally literate.


Additionally, many jobs that people locate don't come directly from help wanted ads, but rather come through networking with other people, and those that are especially impoverished and isolated within their own milieu, often have not developed the social capital that provides them with that desired and effective networking option.  So then, those living within the ghettos of entrenched urban poverty, are for all practical purposes, functionally ignored by governmental institutions as well as private enterprise, for these people are perceived to be of little utility or value, and are further harmed by their often clear unpreparedness of being able to step  up and to be of profitable service.  This thus signifies that those that suffer from entrenched poverty are isolated from society at large, and are marginalized to such an extent that they cease to exist in the eyes of those that have the power to effect positive change for them.