Behind every door is a human being / by kevin murray

Behind every door is a human being, for houses, buildings, and other structures are ultimately created by human beings for the benefit of human beings.  This does mean that when bombs are dropped on buildings or missiles are shot at other ships or airplanes, and when a fusillade of bullets are shot at some target, that, in essence, these bombs and missiles and bullets are always being directed against human beings; and it is therefore disingenuous to believe or to attest to that bombs, missiles, and bullets are somehow just taking out buildings, ships, and targets, without on the very same hand, admitting the obvious, which is that they are harming and killing human beings.


Those that direct military affairs do not really wish to state the obvious, which is that wars, insurrections, and uprisings, that involve the military are affairs in which because military force is involved, people are going to die, and the side with the better and more sophisticated firepower is often going to be the side that does most of the killing, along with being far more efficient about it.  As much as the military uses semantics and all sorts of words that skirt around the issue, the military kills people that have been earmarked for death, because those people are on the wrong side of the dispute.


If, it was really true that the military took out other military installations, other military facilities, other military armaments, and simply was in the business of neutralizing the other side's capability to wage war, in some sort of calculated conceived mission, that would be one thing, but the fact of the matter is, no matter how surgical air strikes can be, or missile strikes can be, or gunfire can be, in point of fact, war is a very messy business which besides all of the terrible destruction that is occurring, has intended consequences, unintended consequences, and a whole lot of human beings, armed or not, that are in harm's way which will end up getting hurt or killed.


The American military punches very, very hard, and likes to believe that they take care of business in a professional manner, of which, the greater the physical distance is from those so targeted, as well as not wanting to really know who and what is behind the door, or inside the building, the easier it is to keep on keeping on.   As the weapons continue to get more and more sophisticated, and as the military gets even more skilled at accomplishing their missions, especially without having to risk unnecessary "boots on the ground," the easier it is to keep doing it, because as long as our military personnel aren't dying, then the apparent overall criticism from outsiders will remain fairly muted.


In point of fact, when the military diminishes the deaths of our enemies as well as their families and other innocent civilians, in addition to ignoring the devastating destruction so reigned upon those communities, there is absolutely never going to be a time when the American military will conceivably be satiated, because too many people within that military establishment, don't seem to consciously recognize that behind every door is a human being, and that further, every human being has value, friend or foe, like it or not.