Be the light in other people's lives / by kevin murray

The decisions and actions that we take on any given day, define who and what we really are; and while virtually all of us are going to have those bad days along with regretful decisions, the objective for anybody with a good purpose in their life, should be to help be a force of good, rather than being a force of trouble and hatred.  If more people made it their point to be of a more positive influence and thereby set a better example for others, then the world and society that we live in, would be a better place for more of us, for the reality is that this world reflects back to us truly the decisions and actions so made.


Additionally, the greatest benefit that anyone can provide to anyone else, is to be positive, as often as possible, in our interactions with one another, for to add to hatred, frustration and despair, isn't going to be of any real benefit to anyone; whereas to see other people, as being important enough to take the time to be patient, kind, and considerate to -- has a value that is well-nigh priceless, for to shine a light into the darkness that all have experienced, provides both the clarity and pathway to move onto and into a better place.


To speak in platitudes is relatively easy, whereas actually making a commitment to spend the time and resources in becoming an ever present help in a sea of sorrow to someone else, takes a person, that is dedicated to the proposition that we are indeed one another's brothers and sisters, and therefore gets beyond mere scriptural words into the doing of the activities that provide real aid to another.  

In far too many cases, a soul is lost, not because that person is so bad, but rather because that person was not helped by another at a critical juncture, that had that help occurred, would have placed them into a better situation and thereby a likely better outcome.  There are many that have been pushed to the brink, that are brought back, by acts of kindness and caring, of which, these acts serve to reinvigorate what has been depleted, and encourages those that were lost, to find their real selves again.


We live within a construct in which destruction is the easy road, for to destroy is to allow one's behavior to become unchecked and unconstrained, making it the ultimate act of selfishness.  On the other hand, to construct anything of value, takes knowledge, consistency, persistency, drive, and often the willingness to check one's behavior to conform to a vision that is larger than just one person, for many people working together, will typically make what is created, stronger than what it would be, alone.


Each of us has talent, some of us use it, exceedingly well, some of us have yet to discovered it, some of us have yet to develop it fully, and some of us are aware of it, but keep it hidden away.   That talent for all of us is our light, of which, the more that utilize their light, together, the more light that is seen, and those that help to increase the brightness of that light, diminish the darkness, and light without any corresponding darkness, is the epitome of paradise.