This is God's world, but we have made a mess of it / by kevin murray

Although it may well seem at times, as if God is not part of this world, God, by definition, is omnipresent, and therefore everything in this world, of this world, and by this world, is in one way or another, part of God.  This means that all the trouble that mankind goes through to deny God, or to misinterpret God, or to ignore God, does not somehow negate God.


Foundationally, the main problem with this world, is never going to be God, but the exact opposite of that; which means the absence of God, and thereby the replacement of God's perfect love as well as God's perfect justice, with mankind's often pathetic attempt to do better or to simply just ignore what should not be ignored. 


Of course, many will rightly point out that a lot of the problems and issues in this world can be laid down at the feet of certain religious people or certain religious institutions, and especially those fanatical zealots that harm, persecute, and kill those that do not believe in what they believe, and justify all that are doing by stating that such is "God's will."  That said, God's voice is actually a still, small voice, that errs not, and God is never the one to utilize a sword in order to somehow bring peace, for God knows that lasting peace can only come from a construct in which fairness, justice, sacrifice, and love reign supreme.


This world and the problems within this world, come primarily from the misuse of free will by human beings, as well as the purposeful ignorance or non-desire to conduct one's personal life in accordance with God's law.  While God's law can be stated in a multitude of ways, it distilled to its very essence means giving due respect and consideration to God; as well as being able to see all other people, without exception, as equally created children of God, and thereby to treat everyone with the consideration and concern that one would devote to someone that they dearly love.


The more that in our interactions and in our deeds, we live in accordance to God's law, the better our societies and our neighborhoods are; and the more we live in discordance to God's law, the worse our societies and our neighborhoods are.  It is important to recognize that in this world that all of the chaos, injustice, and hurt that we are and do experience as elements of this world, are not because God does not exist or not because God does not care, but because wrong decisions are made by mankind's free will that are inimical to the benefit of mankind, though such decisions may selfishly benefit a few at the expense of the many.


Those that do not want God to be in their lives, have already achieved that wish, for this is the world as it is, so reflected. Those that truly want God to be in their lives must ever keep that in their focus and make sure to keep their pathway straight for it is those people that will lead the lost into the world as it should be which will be God's world, actualized.