Just before you go to bed… / by kevin murray

Each night, each one of us, lay ourselves down to go to sleep. Some of us have nightly prayers, or a nightly wind down, or a nightly routine, as well as there being some people that just get into bed and are done with it.  Before each of us goes to bed each night, that should be best seen as a wonderful time as well as the opportunity to actually take a few minutes to review how that particular day went.  The reason that we should want to do this, is because each day, in ways large and small, we are not the exact, same person that we were at the beginning of the day, so that, this sort of review should reflect back to us, as to whether our trend line is something that we are satisfy with or whether it is something that needs to be adjusted.


The thing about not reviewing our day, as well as not bothering to spend some time in introspection is that those that do not do those things are often going to find that they have inexorably veered off of the path, that they actually desire to be on in this life.  An honest review of anybody's day, should be seen as the moment to see whether we are doing the things that we should and ought to be doing, and therefore such a review becomes a validation that we are on the right path; or rather if we have fallen away from the pathway that we need to be on, such a review then allows us the chance to reinvigorate ourselves and to thereby refocus ourselves onto accomplishing what we should and ought to be accomplishing, instead.


While many of us do lie to others, from time-to-time for various reasons, we should when we reflect about our own life, be honest, and from that honesty, make a determination as to whether we are who we really want to be, and further whether our actions day-by-day are consistent with what we are trying to actually be.  If they are not, then such a nightly review is the opportunity to make the change in our own lives that we need to make in order to manifest that change in our life.


The road from good to bad, or from bad to good, is a road that is almost never built overnight, but instead is a road that is built step by step and brick by brick, by our thoughts, by our actions, and by our deeds.  This means that those that take the time to reflect upon who and what they really are, or further, that receive feedback about those things from someone that is their mentor or well respected -- is in reality, building the foundation that will create the opportunity to be positive and constructive in their life.


Those that look into the mirror and want that mirror to lie to them, are leading a life of deception, of which, in the end, they are the ones that will suffer most for that deceit.  Instead, look into the mirror and accept what the mirror accurately reflects back to you, and from that reflection renew that determination to be the best person that you can be, of that, no more can be asked.