Knowledge and omniscience / by kevin murray

Children go to school from a very early age in order to learn, and some of these children learn so well, that later after much additional postsecondary education, they become experts in advance sciences such as astrophysics, thermodynamics, and so many other various subjects.  Some of these experts are geniuses in their field, and some are quite impressive in their application of that knowledge, of which from these people as well as so many others, mankind has advanced in its technological knowledge as well as being able to increasingly master this world for the betterment of mankind.


Yet, as knowledgeable as some people are, as brilliant as some people are, and as perceptive as some people are, there is not one person on earth that is able to absorb all that has been written, or all that has been spoken, or all that has been taught, so that they truly are the master of every field known to mankind at the present age, as well as knowledgeable of all that which is beyond mankind's perception at the present time.  That is to say, the knowledge that any particular person can comprehend and thereby utilize effectively is often quite limited.


While there is a lot to be said about book knowledge, or experience knowledge, as well as all those that see things as they currently are, and are thereby curious enough to want to understand how and why these things operate as they do; that though impressive, is still far short of mastering all knowledge. In short, though mankind has knowledge, too often that knowledge is either limited or incorrect in some way.  Yet, there is a being that knows everything that is to know and everything that could ever be known, which is God.


This would surely signify that the greatest knowledge that any mortal could obtain here on earth, is held not in the books of the realm, or the words of mere mortals, or in the experiences that each of us has, but rather that knowledge is contained within God and is of God, of which that knowledge is universally available to all, if only we would make it our point to search diligently for such. 


The surest path to knowledge is a straight line, and that line leads directly to God, for all other paths are mere tributaries at best, or rivers, or streams, but God is that One ocean of complete and unerring knowledge, unfathomable to most, but readily available to all who will not settle for poor substitutes or pale reflections of that one great and illuminating Light. 


Those that have a yearning to learn, learn best by learning from the Best.It is critical that such learning not be dogmatic or restrictive or corrupted by those that claim that their religion is the one true orthodox religion, for God stands apart from all sectarian strife, doctrinarian error, and false dogma.For all those that sincerely seek for that knowledge, need first to quiet their mind, as well as to free themselves of the illusion that they are just the material body, and instead begin to unravel the knotted strands of wisdom that are meant to unite us with God, and thereby through that newfound clarity listen for that still, small voice within, which knows everything, and errs not