Dehumanization and wars / by kevin murray

The art of war really is a dark art, for to kill other human beings is not the natural order of things, and can only be willingly done by those that are either a sociopath or psychopath in personality, because those personality disorders have effectively killed off their conscience; or by those that have been indoctrinated to kill the enemy, of which  that killing is justified as an act of self-defense or  of justified liberation, or as an act which is necessary because the enemy has been defined as something lesser than human, labeled consequently as a clear and present danger to the state, and therefore just as in killing of an animal, such is permitted and sanctified by the state.


In point of fact, look at any of the war propaganda produced in wars such as World War I and World War II and see the caricatures of the enemy, so prominently depicted as something demonic, evil, subhuman, racist, and primitive, so that the enemy is perceived as something that has to be eradicated, as in a virus, for the protection and virtue of that country which considers itself, alone, to be truly civilized.  To make matters even worse, those that do not facially look like the prevailing power structure and do not have the religious faith of that prevailing power structure, are far more easily able to be demonized, for the looks of that enemy as well at the beliefs of that enemy allows the state to more readily justify the killing of such, as sanctioned not only by the state, but often approved by God, especially if those people are seen as infidels and unbelievers with a corresponding look that does not match that prevailing power structure.


The more that any country dehumanizes another country, the more war that there will be, and the more that any country recognizes the innate dignity and humanity of another country, the less war there will be, because in the natural order of things, mankind does not kill its own, unless pushed to the brink or mesmerized into believing that what is human is actually not. 


Those that make it their business to dehumanize others, whether on an individual basis or on a state basis, are the provocateurs of hate.  Those that hate without good reason, or by hating lose their good reason, are a danger to other people as well as to the state.  Any country or society that encourages or abets the hate of others, especially when such is unjustifiable, unwarranted, and unnecessary, are clearly out of their minds, for hatred and dehumanization are the precursors of all sorts of violence and ill behavior.


Every human being, no matter where they are born, have innate human rights; those rights are unalienable as gifted to all of us by our Creator, and those that make it their point to take away those rights, without a full, complete and just accounting of why this is so, especially when having done so by the deliberate and premeditated dehumanization of those that are human, have committed a very grave offence, of which such shall and must be judged for what it is, so that in the end we will have: "… justice roll on like rivers…" (Amos 5:24).