To find the most important answer, you need to ask the most important question / by kevin murray

Mankind fails so often in actually taking the time and exerting their mind to think through the most important questions in life, but rather, typically exists day-do-day without examining in detail, or making the effort to find the source and raison d'être of mankind's existence.  If, mankind will not ask the question, then surely mankind will not know the answer and in not asking the most important questions, such as why we are here to begin with, and therefore what should our objective be in being here, mankind creates the construct in which mankind lives, which often times is an existence that is unjust, cruel, cold, uncaring and inharmonious.


Though mankind has made great technological progress over the last two centuries, and has considerably increased the human lifespan as well as good health, along with a corresponding great improvement in literacy rates, in addition to the creation of a vibrant middle class and hence a more egalitarian society;  it has typically not resolved the continuing gross inequalities throughout life, along with the mindless violence, wars, and the oppressiveness  utilized by so many governments and people, so that mankind rather than living lives of liberty and pursuing happiness are too often, constrained in their actions, and fundamentally unhappy and dissatisfied.


So many of these troubles can be laid at the feet of all those that do not question not only the natural order of things as they currently are, but do not question the purpose of life; but rather get involved in asking questions and seeking answers to things that are at best, a distraction, and at worse are inimical for a good life.  One possible reason as to why mankind, shrinks from wanting to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, is that in that knowing, mankind will know for a certainty that they have failed in their behavior and in their deeds, and therefore their fault lies not in the stars, but in their own selves.


Unfortunately, ignorance is never going to be a legitimate excuse as why anyone is justified in their failing to accomplish the activities that they need to address in a given life, for each of us is gifted with a good mind, and a free will, of which, the greatest test that anyone can give another, is to allow that person to freely choose what they will or will not do, and those decisions, define the person as they really are.  So that, those that will not question the order of things, and will not bother to examine their own life, are essentially running their lives on autopilot in which if they are fortunate they still can accomplish even great things of good and worth, simply by being forthright and sincere in all that they do.  However, happenstance, good fortune, and being with the right people, can only take a given person so far, for ultimately, those that will not ask the most important questions and thereby learn and apply the most important answers, are forever stuck in an endless cycle that they will not have the exit velocity to escape from, for they know not and seek not, for that which answers all.