Spirit is the only true reality / by kevin murray

There are so many people that believe that everything that they see and that everything that they touch, and that everything that is happening all around of them is an absolute reality.  To those people that believe in this material world as being an absolute reality, this belief is so obvious, that therefore all those that don't believe that this material form is the only reality, must be obtuse, stupid, or just plain fools.


The thing about material reality is that it isn't as real as our senses perceive.  For instance, something as solid as a brick, is not in actuality all that solid, for given enough time, the very elements that make up a brick, will eventually but inexorably disintegrate, for all material matter, no matter its size and grandeur are not stable for eternity, and never will be. 


Additionally, the dreams that we have in our mind, when we are sleeping, appear to be reality to those that are dreaming them, but upon the consciousness awakening, our minds perceive such as merely being dreams.  This dream state should be our first clue that all that we perceive cannot possibly be real, for our perceptions come from our mind itself, and that mind through those dreams, is indicative that the mind is not subject to space and time limitations, and because that is true, it therefore follows that the very things that so many of us are absolutely convinced of as being real, are in all probability, transient and illusory, though they appear to be real to those senses that we most often utilize.


In point of fact, the only possible reality is a reality that is eternal, that has therefore no beginning and subsequently has no end; for those things that did not first exist, are by definition, transitory illusions, and those things and attributes that have always existed, are by definition, spirit and reality.  Our spirit is our only reality, and because of that spirit, we can experience other dimensions for our own amusement, for our own testing, and for our own adventures, knowing that at the end of such, we will return to being all that we were in the beginning; for just as water can take on a multitude of shapes and forms, such as ice, liquid, and mist, it is in its essence, always maintaining the same chemical composition of water.


The frustration that so many feel on this material plane is so often cause by those that exclusively try to find satisfaction and happiness in this transitory material world, in which worldly things are forever changing, of which the life cycle and eventually decay and destruction of the physical form cannot ever be stymied, for the physical within this material world is finite, and ever will be.  Those that get so caught up in their physicality, stressing that all is so real that they experience, in regards to things such as pain and happiness, as well as feelings such as love and hate, are caught up within a construct that they believe to be real, because it feels real to them; not seeming to comprehend, that the physical is merely temporarily housing the mind and the spirit, and that those that are enraptured by their physical senses, have willfully lost sight of their spirit, and therefore have lost sight of the only true reality, leaving them  bereft until such time as they truly wake up.