Few employers are prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens / by kevin murray

In America, it is always about the money and the power structure, whereas on the other hand, it is seldom about justice and fairness.  There is an awful lot of talk in America about illegal immigration, in which some people of this nation spend inordinate amounts of time decrying all of the illegal aliens that have invaded our sovereign land, and demand thereby that something be done about it.  When you have, as estimated by Pew Research Center, as of 2016, 10.6 million undocumented immigrants in America, quite clearly, something fundamentally is going on, that demands a reasoned explanation.


In point of fact, the real reason why there are so many illegal aliens in America, has absolutely everything to do with the employers of such, desiring to employ illegal aliens of which at best, they do so, because they are unable to find documented workers, that will work competently under the same wages and conditions; and at worse, the real reason is for outright exploitation, so as to increase their profits at the expense of illegal aliens deliberately exploited out of their sweat labor for the benefit of those so employing them.


It is unfathomable, why so much time and energy is wasted rounding up illegal aliens, as if America is just now discovering them, when they have been amongst us for generations.  Additionally, it's disingenuous to believe that America as it stands right now, can't secure their border with the very resources that they have currently have, unless there is an explicit acknowledgment that some of those securing those borders are essentially in on the game and thereby personally benefiting from those crossing it.


But all of this is really to miss seeing the forest for the trees, because America would not be a destination and a beacon for illegal aliens to try to attempt to cross into, unless there were jobs available for them, that would gainfully employed them, as well as there being real genuine opportunity for those willing to work hard in America.  Further to the point, America is a capitalistic society, in which, the cost of labor is almost always a very meaningful cost in regards to whether a given company is profitable or not, and if profitable, how much it is profitable. Even more to the point, America is competitive, so that, those that are in competition with one other recognize that their growth is dependent upon that profitability, and therefore having lower yet reliable labor costs is quite germane to the success of their business model.


So too, even on a small scale, being able to avail oneself of labor that is not legal, and therefore has limited legal resources to appeal against labor violations as well as personal violations of all stripes, is exploitable by just about anyone that is legal.  So then, the real reason why so many employers are hiding in plain sight in regards to their illegal aliens working for them, and are with the exception of a few well publicized raids, left alone, is that these forces combined are a powerful political force, that will not sacrifice their money to have their labor taken from them, and all the rhetoric in Washington or wherever, isn't going to change a thing, because money and connections make very sure that nothing ever changes, and therefore this is why there are millions of illegal aliens in America, often exploited, and why the employers of them are pretty much untouchable.