The superrich and their superrich luxury boxes / by kevin murray

The superrich are completely different than the average American.  In fact, it can be said, that the superrich are completely different from the mere rich, for the superrich live within a construct that separates them as a class from the people, for their own prudent protection, of which this is by their own volition and by their preference.   


The sporting industry is a very big business in America, and it is a basic truism that the owners of these teams, actually don't even care about the sport, itself.  Rather, what they care about is making even more money and/or using the ownership of sporting teams as a means to protect and to augment their assets.  What also matters to these sports owners is being able to provide to their clients an appropriate atmosphere for those business contacts and associates that will match well their high expectations and desires, of which, those expectations would include being properly served by obsequious personnel as well as not being interrupted or having to deal with people of the wrong social or business class.


This so means that the superrich aren't going to enter the stadium through the same entrance as your typical fan, they aren't going to be searched, they aren't going to be touched, and they aren't going to be bothered.  Rather, they are going to have their own separate entrance, their own separate elevator, their own separate and exclusive luxury box, and all of this will come with all the accouterments that superrich people expect to have at their disposal.


While the average fan truly cares about the game and the result of the game, the superrich aren't really there to even watch the game, and while the superrich are competitive, they are first and foremost business people, that care only that their sporting investment and the decisions that they make are favorable for them, and what thereupon happens on the field is pretty much an irrelevancy.


The most disturbing fact isn't so much that these luxury boxes exist, though that clearly demonstrates the wide division between the average fan and those luxury box occupants, but instead it is the fact that so many of these stadiums and arenas are actually built with the taxpayers' money, of which, it is the taxpayers that are stuck paying the bill, but never being able to luxuriate in the facility, like the owners are able to.  To make matters even worse for taxpayers and tax collectors, the owners and occupants of these luxury boxes, are able in most cases to write off monies spent as being business entertainment expenses or categories of this sort, whereas the fan, isn't able to write off anything.


Why so many communities, towns, and cities, use taxpayer monies to build stadiums and arenas for superrich owners that can actually afford to on their own to pay for or find the financing for to build their own, is well-nigh incomprehensible; but typical for the way business is so often constructed in America, for the superrich are experts at using other people's money and other people's labor and other people's ideas, to their exclusive advantage, so that they can live their very best life, at everyone else's expense.