There are no shortcuts -- misunderstanding God's grace / by kevin murray

Mankind gets into more trouble by insisting that mankind need not go through the trials and tribulations that life thrusts upon each of us, believing rather that most everything that necessitates a duty and obligation can simply be avoided by availing oneself of just the right shortcut.  The fact of the matter is, that shortcuts don't ever work within the realm of right and wrong, for wrong actions must be answered for, and misunderstanding scripture or creating interpretations that are manufactured in a manner that gives those that call out the right incantations a perpetual "get out of jail" card, do not, in reality, exist.


Those that believe that God's grace cleanses them from all sin, are at best, half right, for God in his beneficence holds no grudge towards anyone, and is infinitely patient, kind, and loving.  This does mean that God's grace most definitely exists, and all are equally entitled to it, but the problem is only half resolved for to become One with God, requires the novitiate to honorably be free of sin and conflict, not merely to mouth the words, for the right words without the corresponding right actions is the epitome of hypocrisy, and hypocrites are not right with God.


What most people fail to actually understand about grace, is too often, such is played with as some sort of gamesmanship performed within this world, of which, such gamesmanship does not translate well into the next world, for though God openly receives all, those that have done wrong, are not able to successfully merge into that which is nothing but Right.  Therefore, to be forgiven, and to have thereby grace bestowed upon a given individual while certainly having its place, is, in itself, not going to permit full unity with God,  if such has not sincerely transformed that person's soul, for that person has not fundamentally been transformed or changed.


Those that in the light of day, know that the honor that has been bestowed upon them, if not justly earned, see themselves as not being worthy of such an honor.  This signifies that in order to be in protecting arms of God's grace, the former must have truly died to the latter, and if this has not occurred, than grace cannot and will not be the end result.  The tricks that mankind plays on their own self, are the tricks that keep mankind stuck in the endless cycle that keeps them from never getting any closer to the only Destination that matters.


So often, most of those that proselytize or believe that somehow God's grace is that shortcut to God's forgiveness as well as to God's heart, are delusional, for the pathway to God offers no shortcut, for that pathway is forever, perfectly straight.  Mankind wants to believe that it has been forgiven or can be forgiven, for mankind has done so much wrong, but those that have taken off the heavy armor of sin, are only cleansed from that sin when they enter into the baptism of the refreshing water which rebirths them, and upon that rebirth, the old wineskin, has been replaced with the new, for if not, the old wineskin will surely burst, and take God's good grace with it.