Segregation and ghettos / by kevin murray

America has national policies that in theory are supposed to fully integrate society, as well as to provide fair opportunity to all Americans, irrespective of national origin, race, sex, religion, or color.  Since a lot of this legislation was passed in the 1960s, one would have a tendency to believe that society has thereby gotten a lot more integrated and would be displaying far more equality then it was previously, and further that discrimination of all types, would be reaching new lows.


To a certain degree, opportunities have never been better for those that are not white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant, for there are more non-whites in positions of influence and power, then ever before.  On the other hand, a huge swath of the offspring of all those that were segregated in ghettos and without property, essentially generations ago, are often in the very same conditions that their forefathers were in, with absolutely no real progress having been made to ameliorate such, and no realistic pathway that this ever will change.


The white people that have historically been in power, and have an undue influence upon governmental and economic policies, are for the most part, the same types of people that have been there for generations in the fit, form, and function of what they do to perpetuate the conditions that permits them to maintain and to expand their powers.  That power, demands to have an abundance of poor, disadvantaged, and ill-educated people, so as to successfully exploit them for the profitability of those that are the property owners, the factory owners, the banking owners, and the like, that have a need to keep the impoverished down so as to continue to enrich their own selves by the exploitation of them.


That is to say, there is still a fundamental need of the rich propertied class, that demands an abundance of non-property people, so as to clean the houses of, landscape the gardens of, as well as to wash the floors of their company buildings, in addition to taking care of the offspring of those privileged rich people, along with utilizing those same people to sell to them, drugs legal or illegal, that will distort their minds, and thereby help to keep them somewhat pacified despite the reality of their situation.  Additionally, the segregated poor provides an abundant opportunity for financial institutions to exploit the ignorance of those that are clueless about how to handle their money, so as to keep those people perpetually in their place; and finally, all this to be policed in a manner that treats those so segregated as if they are barbarians to be punished and controlled by the display and usage of ruthless force.


America wants the poor and disadvantaged to be segregated into the ghettos that virtually every big city has, in order to keep them separated and thereby non-integrated from the nice folks, that wish to pretend that these people either don't exist, or certainly don't exist in any meaningful numbers.  So that, whenever civil disturbances occur, they always occur within those segregated communities, damaging further those communities, and thereby sending those communities even more into hopelessness and despair, because they have been forsaken by governmental fiat, and placed into ghettos, for the sole purpose, to serve or to be used for the benefit by those that are their masters.