The need to truly understand the Great Pyramid / by kevin murray

People, the world over, love to make lists of all sorts of things, of which one of those lists, are the seven wonders of the ancient world.  On that list there is only one monument that still stands today, and to a large extent, stands as it was, with the exception of the removal of the highly polished limestone that once covered over these immense blocks of carved limestone that make that pyramid, so that, it can be said, the Great Pyramid, has not fundamentally changed in 4,500 years.


While there are all sorts of theories as to how the Great Pyramid was built, who the Great Pyramid was built for, and why the Great Pyramid was built; the thing that so many people, including experts seem to miss is the salient fact that the Great Pyramid still actually stands, and not only still stands, but was also the highest manmade structure created for around 4,000 years.  Those facts, alone, should pique the ears of all those that really want to understand the Great Pyramid.


Mankind wants to believe that it has evolved in a linear fashion over thousands of years, and because of that theory, it then reads history in a manner that will only accept that those born 4,500 years ago, were quite obviously inferior to modern man in regards to science, literacy, knowledge, tools, and just about anything else of merit.  Yet, if this was an absolute truth, where is modern mankind's Great Pyramid that will stand the test of time for 4,500 years?


While one can rightly marvel at the sheer great engineering and audacity of the Great Pyramid, to then concoct simplistic and idiotic theories that this Great Pyramid was built though slave labor, or hand labor, or simple hand tools, is to also believe that mankind's successful lunar landing, originated from some little kid's backyard.  Something as sophisticated and as amazing as the Great Pyramid deserves to be respected for what it is, rather than to conjure up stereotypes of shirtless slaves manifesting such a pyramid through an intricate play of pulleys and gears.


For instance, as reported by, "The tombs are aligned north-south with an accuracy of up to 0.05 degrees."  Also, as reported by, "The Great Pyramid location 29.9792 N is exactly the same as speed of light 299, 792 km/sec."  Facts such as these, are consistent with the belief that the knowledge and ability to create such a lasting and meaningful edifice could only have come from a civilization that was far more advanced than is generally recognized, and further that Egypt 4,500 years ago, must have, in some important areas that modern mankind does not yet comprehend, been superior in that knowledge in some very meaningful ways.  That is to say, knowledge is not linear, for mankind can advance as well as regress, and therefore the object lesson of the Great Pyramid is to respect first and foremost, the civilization that created it, along with having the openness to truly want to understand how they were able to create not only this Great Pyramid, but pyramids of this sort, in Egypt as well as other areas of the globe.


The fact that the remnants of great and advanced civilizations are all around us, should be a lesson recognized, and one of especial merit for all those that have the ready ability to rein nuclear annihilation with the push of a button; for even the mightiest do fall, and if we will not learn correctly from history, especially when insisting that it be what it is not, we are doom to continue to repeat errors until such time that we not only understand our lessons well, but apply those lessons forthrightly for the benefit and the greater good of mankind.