Experience and mistakes / by kevin murray

Each of us makes mistakes, in which, if we are honest, we make mistakes each and every day.  That is part and parcel of the human experience in which mistakes are at best, part of the learning experience in order to become better humans, and at worse, thoughtlessly done and thereby the cause of harm to ourselves as well as to others.


The wrong way of looking at mistakes is to make up our minds, to do less, to be less, and to simply avoid all things that might make us prone to mistakes, as if, in the scheme of things, as well as in the skeins of time, those that in aggregate make less mistakes overall are considered to be of higher merit.  That isn't the way that it works, for in actuality, those that produced more things of positive worth, and positive achievement, despite their mistakes in getting there, are always going to be closer to where they need to be, rather than those that risk not and therefore do not, for fear of making a mistake.


While there are those fatal mistakes, of which, in the heat of the moment, a tragic event unfolds, so that in consequence of, there is a heavy price to pay; for the most part, though, the whole point of living is to challenge oneself to be the best person that one can be, and in order to do that, there are invariably going to be false steps, wrong moves, and other mistakes made, which are all part of the process of gaining both the knowledge as well as the experience to be a better and more evolved person, overall. 


In the arena of life, everyone makes mistakes and fails at various things, at one time or another.  The people with real purpose and determination in life are the ones that dust themselves off and get back to the business of accomplishing things of real merit, and are able to thereby absorb their mistakes in such a manner, that they are able to do more and go further, for having that knowledge and experience, garnered from what appeared to have been a mistake.  On the other hand, there are those people that suffer from the same mistake made time and time again, somehow, not being able to figure out, that repeated offenses are the very type of mistakes that need to be constructively resolved, and therefore to keep making those same types of mistakes, is the type of bad experience, that unfortunately has become ingrained upon that person, making it therefore even harder to extricate oneself from.


For the most part, there is no shame in making a mistake, and never when that mistake is thereby used as the foundation to improve oneself and society as a whole.  However, all those making mistakes, but do not or will not learn from them, or don't comprehend that it even is a mistake, are stuck in a wasteful cycle, of which they will not learn what needs to not only be learned, but must positively be dealt with in a constructive manner, for wrongs and mistakes, must eventually be righted.