The type of warning that we really need / by kevin murray

All sorts of products come with warnings, such as cigarettes, machine equipment, pharmaceutical drugs, and so and so forth; of which, those warnings are for the benefit of the consumer or the user of the product.  Since warnings are considered to be something of real value in life, it would seem that America needs to make it their point to have a pertinent and specific warning attached to each of its public school institutions, especially for all those failing institutions.


That is to say, students as well as parents, should actually know, the percentage of students that graduate, the percentage of truants, the percentage of assaults, the percentage of those passing standardized tests at a level that would just about guarantee their college admission, as well as really everything of relevancy in regards to a particular school.  Parents and students should know objectively what a given school is about and not only that they should be able to compare apples to apples from one school to another in the surrounding communities.


Those schools that do not meet the minimum standards of what a good school represents, should thereby be mandated to have a warning attached to that school, so that, students and parents would know, that the probable "education" that will be received there will be substandard. Further to the point, there should be additional warnings indicating the incarceration rate, the salary rate, and quality of life, as projected from detailed studies of those that have not earned a high school diploma, or a collegiate graduate degree, or are pretty much functionally illiterate, so that parents and students can see the material difference between those that obtain a good education and those that do not.


All of these warnings of schools that are substandard should not only be prominently posted in various conspicuous places throughout the school, but should also be part and parcel of all city or county council school board meetings.  The whole purpose of all this would be to impress upon the students that attend these substandard schools, as well as the parents that care about their children, that they should not only be quite cognizant about the perils of a bad school system, but, more importantly, that all of this should embolden them to demand more from the community and country that they are a part of.


In fact, since bad education has material effects that hurt this nation, a national policy should thereby be created, that directly deals with the current substandard schools, in a proactive manner that makes it a very high priority for this to be remediated; so that, no student, should ever have to attend a school that has proven itself unworthy of being reasonably considered to be a valued educational facility. 


The whole purpose of warnings is basically to prevent the wrong usage of a given product, as well as to give fair notice of the danger of a given product.  The public school systems of America have a duty to not only provide warnings to their students as well as to their parents, but further they have an absolute obligation to see that these poor school systems are rectified so that the bad education of students and the inferior educational systems that so many are stuck with, are replaced by national acceptable standards, so that all children are given a fair opportunity to actually receive a quality education.