Childbirth and abortion / by kevin murray

We live in a modern age, in which never has it been easier for women to take control of their bodies and to therefore decide consciously whether they wish to take the chance of getting impregnated or not.  That is to say, there are a multitude of birth control options available to women that are engaging in sex, such as those involving medically approved devices that can be inserted into their vagina, chemical pills or chemical shots that can be taken to preclude pregnancy, and a variety of other ways and means, in which lists a total of eighteen different ways to preclude an unintended pregnancy.  All of these choices are readily available, in addition to the fact that men can do their part to prevent pregnancy by wearing a condom or having a vasectomy. Additionally, for those that have engaged in sex without having taken appropriate precautions, there is a pill available for those that have had unprotected sex to preclude getting pregnant if taken within 72 hours of such activity.


Yet, despite all of these above choices, of which almost all women are quite readily aware of, there were as reported by, in 2015, the statistic in America that "… the abortion ratio was 188 abortions per 1,000 live births."   While this ratio trend has been declining, the amount of abortions per live births is still a ratio that is higher than what it really ought to be, especially when we take into consideration the experience of childbirth in comparison to an abortion, which are obviously quite diametrically different. That is to say, despite the travails of childbirth labor and the pains so involved, most women actually appreciate and enjoy giving birth to their child, and are only too happy to share their newborn birth story with others, as well as to post such on social media, and overall they see such as an event to be well celebrated. On the other hand, though most abortions are physically not very painful but rather akin to some discomfiture, most women that are willing to share their abortion story, typically do so in a manner of confidentiality, and certainly do not wittingly post their abortion story on social media.


So then, childbirth and abortion are quite obviously two divergently different stories, of which one is celebrating the beginning of new life, and the other one, most definitely is not.  So too, stories of joy and happiness are the stories that we love to tell again and again; whereas stories of tragedy and agony are the stories that typically haunt and bedevil us.


This thus means that those believing that women should and must have a choice, especially in consideration that it is, after all, their body -- have both a responsibility as well as an obligation to first make a prudent choice; for they are the ultimately going to be the only ones that are on the frontline of having to deal with the situation for what it is, and they are the ones therefore that will have to live with that decision, whatever it may be, for better or for worse, forever.


So then, it makes eminent sense that the correlation between sex and pregnancy must be something that should be ingrained upon the minds of all those that are sexually active, for unprotected sex has definite consequences -- even of birth and death; of which, those that are clear about what they are desiring to achieve or to avoid in the first place and act accordingly, are going to often find more serenity and peace than those that are not.