Taxation and standing armies / by kevin murray

The United States has the world's largest standing army, or military complex, which has its tentacles and its reach felt throughout the entire world.  While there may indeed be benefits for being the world's most powerful military, it must be recognized that not only is the world, filled with just over 7.5 billion people, as well as there being approximately 200 different nations in this world, but that also there are wholesale differences between many of those peoples as well as those nations, of which, most of those differences do not and does not directly impact the United States, proper.


That is to say, the viewpoint of other people as well as other nations does not agree in many respects, with the United States, but in the scheme of things, other nations and other peoples are fundamentally mainly concern about their own domestic issues as well as having a meaningful concern about their neighbors contiguous to their borders, so then, for the most part, this means that the United States, does not have a real necessity to concern themselves militarily with most other nations; yet it does.


It would be one thing, if the military complex of the United States, somehow didn't cost the American taxpayers a dime, but, in fact, that military complex has an immense budget, as reported by, of which for fiscal year 2019, that amount came to a total of $940 billion, representing the monies so being spent on the Military spending, Veterans, and Foreign Aid.   Further to the point, standing armies in order to justify their existence, must make it their point, to flex their muscles, each and every year, so as to indicate to the American population not only how dangerous that the world at large so appears, but that the threats, real or imagined, so discovered, must be and only can be dealt with effectively by that military complex.  So then, the upshot of such a viewpoint is that the defense spending of America increases year by year, even though America has not had a Congressional declared war since World War II.


So too, because of the America's defense budget as well as other national expenditures of all types, the fiscal responsibility of this country to balance its own national budget, has fallen completely to the wayside.  So that, the present day citizens of this nation, are not being taxed at the rate so necessary to pay for this defense as well as other national commitments, because this government runs instead, massive deficits, of which the financial burden of such are thereupon placed upon the backs of future generations.


Because America refuses to get its fiscal house in order, and because therefore the taxpaying public does not suffer the real-time impact of what their taxation would have to be, in order to balance a budget that promises both guns and butter, the howling that would be expected from an overburdened and overtaxed public is not only not heard, but the real impact as well as the real sacrifice necessitated is not ever felt by that public, so that the end result is a nation that is enthralled to the military complex, and led by a government that hoodwinks the public about the national costs of this fiscal irresponsibility. Such a government has not the courage to place the onerous taxes so necessary on its people to balance its fiscal budget, because the rich won't pay for it, the poor don't have it, and the middle class can't alone carry all that weight.