Violence begets violence / by kevin murray

America is a violent society, and as the leading western nation in virtually any metric of merit, the violence in America makes it an outlier in comparison to virtually every other western nation.  One might think that for the country that claims to have been blessed by God, and to be the epitome of both freedom and opportunity that the United States would be embarrassed and disturbed of this inconvenient reality infringing upon the American dream, but based on the fact, that such violence does not appear to be subsiding, it must not be.


In point of fact, in order to successfully resolve such violence, some things must fundamentally change within America.  First, would be the recognition that equality matters in every conceivable way, of which this signifies that equality of opportunity, equality of education, equality of income, and equality of justice, are absolutely germane to the amount of violence in any nation.  That is to say, that the lack of equality, in which those suffering from that lack, intuitively recognize the unfairness of such, breeds frustration, and from that frustration all sorts of ills come forth, of which one of those ills so expressed, is violence in any of its myriad forms.  Secondly, families and communities that are violent in their behavior, and subsequently in their way of dealing with problems, frustrations, and setbacks are going to create more violence, because people in general, replicate in their own manner, the world as they see reflected in front of them.


Solutions to these problems necessitate thorough resolve, as opposed to what is currently occurring, in which well placed privileged people cry the loudest for law and order, and in return, receive more law and order especially upon those communities and people that are engaging in uncivil behavior, of which this does not fundamentally resolve systemic problems, no matter the copious amounts of people so arrested and incarcerated, because sanctioned state actions that are violent, discriminatory, and predatory in its own way, merely teaches the lesson that such is effective for the awesome power so displayed; and so then, the people within that community will respond utilizing their version of the same.


Additionally, those that grow up within conditions of a family, in which there is much strife and discord, along with strong domestic violence, are prone to suffer not only the ill effects of being violently abused by their family, but are going to take that suffering so received and with their additional grievances that life is unfair and unjust, become, rather logically and regrettably, violent themselves.  So that, it can be said, that violence begets violence.


The only successful way out of the continuum of more and more violence, is to mitigate and to ameliorate the conditions that breed such violence, and the sooner that this is addressed in societies as well as in the lives of all people, the sooner such will be markedly improved.  The violence in America is a true reflection that something is fundamentally unhinged in America, and what is unhinged is the fact that oppression, unfairness, and exploitation, are the fuel that stokes the fires of violence, and those caught in that maelstrom, act violently, mainly because this reflects the violence that permeates their own lives, and enthralls them.